Live Stars adult entertainment project goes Beta

Beta release for the blockchain-based adult entertainment project Live Stars is rolling out on May 23 with what initially scheduled for May 15
21 May 2018   911

The world's first blockchain-based webcam platform in the online adult entertainment industry is going to release its first public Beta on May 23. The transfer of the Beta to a new server was started last week in order to conduct more detailed tests. And as a result, Beta test streams was scheduled for May 15.

However during the transfer of the Beta application to the production servers, it turned out that the server configuration sockets were getting blocked for clients. Along with that, the legal side of the release is still ongoing: the lawyers are working on a part of USC 2557 documentation (model contract) that is necessary to start the streams.

A different business model that excludes intermediaries, automate all processes based on the implementation of the smart contracts in business logic and financial segment promises to disrupt the industry and make the platform safer, more effective and convenient for users, models and affiliates.

At the moment of publication, the market parameters for Live Stars are as follows:

Average price 0.067867 USD
Market cap 2,695,774 USD
Volume (24H) 96,054 USD

Poloniex Wants to be Tron Super Representative

If the exchange will be elacted, it will be able to participate in the distribution of awards for one and a half million TRX daily
18 November 2019   28

The Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange this Monday announced the nomination of its candidacy for the role of validator in the blockchain project system TRON.

If successful, the exchange will be able to participate in the distribution of awards for one and a half million TRX daily. At the time of publication, she ranks 92nd in the general list of candidates with 32,626 votes, while the last super-representative in the 27th position has 262,320,639 of them.

Some time before, Poloniex opened several trading pairs for the TRX exchange and announced an official collaboration with Justin Sun's project.