Livecoin to delist EOS

The 4th largest altcoin exchange is going to delist EOS on May 23 ahead of EOS mainnet launch
26 April 2018   1551

The Livecoin platform, a gateway to the crypto-market, has announced that it will delist EOS on May 23. In the announcement made in the beginning of April the exchange asks its clients who is currently holding EOS tokens to withdraw the funds from the platform until deadline. The recovery of the remaining balance after that will be impossible.

No official explanation of such decision is available up to the present moment. The speculations, though, are circling around the coming mainnet launch of EOS. Scheduled for June 2 EOS will transition from the Ethereum blockchain to the main net that will result in an increased speed, cost reduction and more security. Official EOS subreddit thread assumes that Livecoin may not be able to 'support the mainnet swap' and hence the delisting was announced.

Despite the precedent, Binance and Bitfinex earlier announced the full support of the transition. At the moment of the publication, market indicators for EOS are as follows:

  • Average price $14.85
  • Market cap $12,131,668,171
  • Volume (24H) $2,371,580,000

Eosfinex Exchange to be Launched

It is state that eosfinex is the first scalable exchange ecosystem based entirely on the EOS protocol
31 July 2019   263

The developers of the eosfinex cryptocurrency exchange this Tuesday reported on the full launch of their platform.

Eosfinex is Bitfinex's sister platform and is based on the EOS protocol. This structure allows for a decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies, since the placement of applications, their comparison and storage of user assets in this case is carried out using blockchain resources, and not by the company itself.

Eosfinex is declared as the first scalable exchange ecosystem based entirely on the EOS protocol.

According to the developers, the site provides a decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies - the placement of applications and storage of user assets is carried out through the blockchain, and not by the company itself.

eosfinex Exchange
Eosfinex Exchange

There are four trading pairs on the platform: RAM / USDT, EOX / USDT, EMT / USDT and EOS / USDT. The exchange supports several types of orders and allows you to connect using accounts in the EOS blockchain directly or through a Scatter wallet.

The beta version of EOSfinex was presented on March 28. Initially, the launch of trading was planned for July 25, but was postponed due to the “need for further improvements” of the site.