Los Angeles to Gather Blockchain Community in August

The 2018 North American Sports and Blockchain Conference will be held in Los Angeles, CA at the JW Marriott L.A. LIVE near the L.A. Convention Center
04 June 2018   1037

2018 will be the first year and Los Angeles is the first location for the Inaugural NASBC.

The inspiration behind the NASBC comes from the convergence of the burgeoning markets of Blockchain and Sports. As sports have continued to rise to a $500 billion market, technology has played a large part in that ascension. The opportunities for expansion with Blockchain provides creative new business models and economies across the globe, and our event is designed to bring everyone together to explore these innovative markets! NASBC bridges the athletes, teams, coaches, schools, companies, programmers, developers who are already in the world of Blockchain to those seeking an understanding in this revolutionary technology.

North American Sports and Blockchain Conference
North American Sports and Blockchain Conference
North American Sports and Blockchain Conference
North American Sports and Blockchain Conference

Attending NASBC will be an experience that will encourage and inspire those interested in Blockchain to make the transition sooner than later. As we know with new technologies It’s definitely not a question of “if” but “when.”

Be part of an exciting experience and a groundbreaking time. NASBC will host several star athletes that have already invested in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Attendees will be able to interact with sports professionals and influencers involved with blockchain technology and get their opinions firsthand.

The 2018 NASBC speakers will range from athletes, coaches, team owners, developers, tech influencers, social media influencers, investment firms, financial advisors, CEOs, ICOs, and more!

August 6th - 8th, 2018 Hosted at the JW Marriott LA Live. The 2018 North America Sports and Blockchain Conference focuses on impact that the blockchain technology will have on Pro and Amateur Sport, Sports Gambling, eSports, Fantasy and much more.


Dean Kirkland
Dean Kirkland

Dean Kirkland, MC, Host Crypto the Wonderdog

David Drake
David Drake

David Drake, CEO, LDJ Capital

Eamonn Donlyn
Eamonn Donlyn

Eamonn Donlyn, Former ESPN, General Partner, SportVEST VC Fund

Alex Mashinsky
Alex Mashinsky

Alex Mashinsky, CEO, Celsius

Christian Kameir
Christian Kameir 

Christian Kameir, Managing Partner, Sustany Capital

And more coming soon!

Register NOW! There are a limited number of tickets and only a handful of VIP Passes to the VIP Reception on August 6th, 2018.

Interview with Danil Myakin from Squilla Capital

What is Squilla Capital and how they run business in the blockchain industry
14 May 2019   203

Today we are having a conversation with Danil Myakin, Squilla Capital co-founder. Let's start with a couple of questions about yourself and then we will move forward to Squilla Capital. Why did you come to the US? Tell us about your experience.

I am an entrepreneur. I’ve done tons of different things in my life - from working in a bank and selling credit cards to selling trucks of sunflower oil internationally. Before switching to the blockchain, I worked as an HR Director of a retail chain and HR consultant.

I was always interested in tech, so it was inevitable for me to buy a mining rig at some point. Then, since I had to sell mined coins, I found myself day trading crypto, but I quit it after about a month. Information noise was crazy.

When I was doing an MBA program in San Francisco, my good friend offered me a position in his new company. I became the 3rd employee in the company. Now, in one year, we have almost 30 people. From that day, blockchain and cryptocurrency became a major part of my life.

Tell us about Squilla Capital.

Even though we have "Capital" in our name, I would call us a blockchain company, not just a fund. Here is why.

First of all, we have our own projects in the space and an in-house team of developers. This allows us to understand the technology and bottlenecks better when we evaluate investment opportunities. At the same time, we can support our portfolio companies by outsourcing some development for them, or giving access to our technologies.

Second, from day one, we decided to build a platform to automate as many internal processes as we can, such as investment and deal tracking, order execution, coins tracking, sentiment analysis, assets and stakeholder management. This decreased our overhead and gave our internal team of analysts and traders an edge over the market.

Right now this platform is in alpha test internally and with selected partner funds. We may offer it to a broader public later on.

And third, our LPs and partners have really amazing experience in fintech, gaming, and gambling. This places our fund in a sweet spot to benefit from the blockchain technology. Plus we can apply our company’s portfolio technology to existing businesses, giving them that much-desired traction and revenue.

Can you give us some examples?

Yeah, sure. One of our LP is a big microloan provider in Asia and CIS. So we invested in collateralized crypto loans early in the market. Now we are working on the application of blockchain and new approaches to credit-scoring, like a branch, to let unbanked people take uncollateralized loans.

How do you structure your investments?

When we just started, ICOs played a huge role in our investment model. However, the market has changed, so right now we are focused on Trading liquid assets, SAFT and SAFE deals.

We are closely following STO market and companies like sharespost, but haven’t been active in this domain, yet.

What industries or use-cases are you interested in?

As I stated before, fintech, gambling, and gaming are core expertise of our company, so the majority of deal flow is aggregated there. However, we are not limiting ourselves to only mentioned topics. We are actively exploring possibilities in BaaS and Web 3.0 fields.

What is your typical investment process?

We are quite small in terms of AUM, but we have a big team of developers and a good set of LPs. Hence, we try to invest as early as possible, but with a smaller check size, around 50k - 100k. From there we are helping founders to receive traction.

We share our connections to writers, share technology and resources. Since we have our technical team in Russia, we can significantly decrease costs and handheld a company to their first paying clients or promising pilots. From there we use our network to take them to bigger funds.

How the crypto winter affected you?

I would say, we got lucky. While we have been assembling the team and legal structure, winter already came. This allowed us to focus on internal processes and test our strategies and algorithms in really tough conditions.

Moreover, we couldn’t see too many opportunities with good liquidity on the market, so we started the development of internal projects.

By the end of the day, it allowed us to grow the team’s confidence and expertise, and now we are ready to roll.


Facebook and blockchain?

I surely can see a bullish case for them here. With their enormous user base spread all over the world, they have a perfect position to capture massive market share in cross border micropayments. Yeah, a lot of people deactivated their accounts, but they still have them.


Hyped ICOs. Fundamentals are the same, plus major exchange listing is basically priced in from the beginning limiting growth drivers. I do not see this model sustainable in the long run.

Best investment?

BNB. When the winter has started, I expected some consolidation and Binance was the best bet. Plus they rolled out a very solid set of products. That allowed me to make 350% ROI during the bear market.

What are your expectations about the market?

We are betting our careers, and, to some extent, lives on this market and technology. That is how I feel about the market.

View Squilla webpage or follow Danil on Twitter: @DanilMyakin