Low Tier Exchange to Make 71% of Volume, - Research

According to CryptoCompare, this is what the top three looks like: BitMax (D) billion; ZB (E) and Binance (A)
22 October 2019   381

The share of exchanges with a high reliability rating in the total volume of cryptocurrency trading in September amounted to only 21%.

The share of high-rated exchanges in the total trading volume ($ 489 billion) for September amounted to:

  • AA - 3% ($ 14.87 billion);
  • A - 14.3% ($ 71.98 billion);
  • B - 4.7% ($ 23.86 billion).

The greatest activity was provided by D-E class exchanges with 71% ($ 347.2 billion).

According to CryptoCompare, this is what the top three looks like:

  1. BitMax (rating D) - $ 28 billion;
  2. ZB (E) - $ 26.9 billion;
  3. Binance (A) - $ 26.19 billion

Among cryptocurrency exchanges, the largest trading volume for September was recorded on South Korean Bithumb (A) - $ 17.7 billion.

At the same time, in the same month, the trading volume on the floors of classes AA, A and B (according to the Exchange Benchmark rating system) decreased by 15%, and on platforms with C-F ratings - by 29.7%.

The average transaction size on low-rated sites exceeded the performance of high-class exchanges.

Earlier specialists at Bitwise Asset Management came to the conclusion that 95% of the trading volume on unregulated bitcoin exchanges is fake. After some time, they noted signs of market recovery.

DEAPCOIN IEO to be Held at OKEx on 8.04

The project is planning to raise $2M a the price of 1 DEP on IEO will be $ 0.0025
25 March 2020   1039

OKEx Exchange announced Wednesday the 11th initial exchange offering (IEO). It will be conducted by the DEAPCOIN Project (DEP) and will be held on April 8th.

As in previous OKEx campaigns, the selection of participants and the selection of the allocation coefficient will be carried out according to two criteria: the average daily balance of OKB and the trading volume on the exchange. For each of the groups, allocation of 400 million DEP tokens is allocated.

The price of 1 DEP on IEO will be $ 0.0025. Thus, the project intends to attract up to $ 2 million from OKEx users. Trading in USDT and USDK pairs will start on the same day.

The DEP token was released by DEAPCOIN to shape the economy around the PlayMining entertainment platform they are developing, where users can earn cryptocurrency during games. DEP is presented as an ERC-20 standard token, while game items on the blockchain will use the ERC-721 standard.

Despite the generally negative dynamics of the IEO space recently, the token of the previous placement of the OKEx platform - HyperDAO - that passed at the end of February is currently trading almost 3 times higher than the initial selling price.