A loyalty wallet will be made on a blockchain

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is set to launch a blockchain-based digital loyalty wallet
06 February 2018   473

SIA Group’s KrisFlyer, a frequent-flyer program, is going to start its airline loyalty digital wallet - the world’s first blockchain-based solution. The app is expected to be rolled out in approximately 6 months. Thus, KrisFlyer members will be able to exchange their ‘digital miles’ at the shops of the participating retail merchants.

The proof-of-concept made in collaboration with KPMG Digital Village and Microsoft was a success. Now, KrisFlyer will start signing up the merchant partners of the Singapore market. The digital wallet app will be platformed on private blockchain owned by Singapore Airlines that involves only partners and merchants.

The reaction of the Reddit users was mainly skeptical:

@20kjinsatki said “what's the point of moving it on the blockchain when there are many other solutions that do the same thing and are just as efficient/secure”

@CervezaPorFavor said “DOA initiative unless they make conversion rates attractive. Right now, the use of Krisflyer miles for anything other than flight redemption represents extremely poor value; it's a joke. Such a waste of effort and time, when they have more pressing issues to fix, issues that directly affect passengers.”

@Jammy_buttons said “Do they even need block chain to do this? Also I have a feeling that management will be ok with any hype words like fintech, big data etc ”

@dravidan7 said “i will be more happy if never keep devaluing my krisflyer miles.”

Sparkpool to Freeze $300k Reward

As reported, pool suggests that such a high commission could have been paid by someone in error and is considering the possibility of a refund
20 February 2019   68

The Sparkpool mining pool decided to freeze the remuneration in the amount of 2,103,1485 for the extraction of block # 7,238,290. The management of the organization suggests that such a high commission could have been paid by someone in error and is considering the possibility of a refund, CoinDesk reports.

The head of the Sparkpool Xin Xu argues that users of the pool understand and agree with the decision, given the size of the amount involved.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, blockchain is so far not completely run by machines; human are still involved. So we have an opportunity to correct the problem. Integrity is our pool’s priority.

Xin Xu

CEO, Sparkpool

While some users suggested that a large commission was paid by mistake, others admitted that this could be a goodwill gesture from an anonymous donor to the community of the miner or even an attempt to launder money through the blockchain cryptocurrency.