Makor Group to cooperate with New ICO Investre Network

The Makor Group declared that its crypto brokerage, Enigma securities, has started a strategic partnership with the Investre Network, a new ICO
28 June 2018   1380

Makor mentioned the partnership in a company statement: “marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration between two major players in the cryptocurrency community.” Enigma securities supposes the alliance will let it provide better service to its institutional customers: “the collaboration will enable Enigma and Investre to deliver truly world-class crypto capabilities. This joint effort will be exceptional in the under-serviced, fast-growing cryptocurrency market.”

Being a part of the Makor Group, Enigma Securities is a specialised broker-dealer that provides the institutional investors with the access to the cryptocurrency market. Over the platform, its clients can sell and settle in crypto as well as in US dollars. The Investre Network is a cross-chain lending platform which is focused on crypto financing, powered by blockchain. The service is like securities lending but in a disintermediated manner. That means there is no involvement of intermediaries or centralised agencies.

The network customers can transact on standardised borrowing/lending contracts in disintermediated crossing networks. The investors are also able to transact on non-standardised and customised contracts with preliminary matching. These contracts are simplified by Investre and the bilateral negotiation is being held in a secured virtual meeting room.

The network also plans to facilitate the completeness of the crypto market. Its cross-token clearing technology makes an infrastructure that will let the future introduction of different cryptocurrency products. The network is stated for a full-scale launch in the second quarter of 2019.

Switcheo to Launch Cross-Chain ETH-NEO Atomic Swaps

Developers says that the technology of atomic swaps has been known for few years, but is not popular, since its implementation in practice is quite complicated
25 April 2019   59

Switcheo announced the official launch of the atomic swaps feature for the Ethereum and NEO blockchains.

From now on, Switcheo users have access to the inter-block exchange of their own token exchange, SWTH and ETH, which allows for the transfer of assets between two markets represented on the trading platform and makes Switcheo the first decentralized exchange that implements this functionality.

A challenge with existing trustless exchanges is that trades are confined to individual blockchains, limiting the market combinations that can be offered to users” says . With the launch of the new feature, users can now trade conveniently between ETH and NEO markets, while retaining full custody of their funds.

Ivan Poon

CEO, Switcheo

According to the developers, the technology of atomic swaps has been known for several years, but is not widely used, since its implementation in practice is quite problematic. Switcheo lead developer John Wong explained that his team spent a lot of time adapting the process to the user's needs and achieved the desired result.