Malwares for Bitcoin could create known private keys

An anonymous user on Pastebin has announced that there is a program that can select private keys for blockchains, but information is still yet to be proved
03 December 2017   3079

First, let’s discuss what private key means. The key is your individual code as to safe, with the help of which you can dispose your funds. While you register an account in cryptocurrency wallets, the private key by way of a huge code line with randomized numbers and letters is created. Every time your key is activated through the hash function, that is mathematical algorithm. And when you place another number in this code line, it will change the string to the first number.

It is not recommended to create that key yourself, because if you did so, others will also discover it. It reminds more public key in this case. There are a lot of examples when blockchain users played with private keys and sent some bitcoins in order to be found.

A Pastebin user tried to discover the private key and here are some discoveries he made: he used the words which came to his mind, something like “sender”, “hello” and “password”, what is interesting these words were available for hashing. And if the word can be hashed once, it can be hashed million times then. When the hashing was iver, the user got a valid individual key. This method discloses the public keys, they turned out to be easily discoverable for hackers.

The user concluded that there is a possibility that other intermediaries, such as gambling sites and various web purses, can use malicious codes to steal coins from purses. However, it is possible that the system is not yet so ideal to generate random private keys. The guy also he used for this bot, which checked every bitcoin sent. Finally, he found an address with a transaction of 9.5 coins and a secret key to it. But the bot failed in transaction creating and all bitcoins were delegated to another point.

Finally, Reddit client informed that 9 bitcoins from his blockchain wallet were stolen. The Pastebin guy managed to find stolen bitcoins and give them back. But how could it happen?

The problem is code for private keys generating based on hash functions is really discoverable. To protect your funds, use trustworthy wallets, where the secret key is generated randomly.

BTC Extortionists to Send Explosion Threats In US & CA

Police reported that explosive devices in the places specified by extortionists were not found
14 December 2018   79

In Canada and the United States, local businesses and residents received letters threatening to detonate a bomb if they did not send bitcoins to extortionists. Because of this, in some regions, law enforcement officers evacuated people from bus stations, schools and airports, reports Global News.

Extortionists threatened to blow up universities, schools, city halls and local businesses in the US states of Utah, Aidaxo, New York, Oklahoma and Illinois. The New York City Police Department urged residents not to panic or send bitcoins to criminals. Police also reported that explosive devices in the places specified by extortionists were not found.

In Canada, extortionists promised to blow up buildings and car dealerships in Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Calgary and Montreal. Some residents of the attackers asked for a ransom in bitcoins in the amount of $ 20 thousand. After verification, the Calgary police stated that the messages were part of phishing attacks and did not pose a threat to the public.