All 2018 Cryptocurrency Forks

From this article you will find out which cryptocoins are undergoing hard forks in the year of 2018
22 February 2018   34173

Cryptocurrencies are developing and improving, and there is a tendency that hard forks of the coins occur at newly created blocks.

A soft fork is a change to the protocol that restricts the ruleset enforced by full nodes that upgrade to enforce the soft fork rules, while a hard forks a change to the protocol that loosens the ruleset enforced by full nodes. Hard fork is the changes to the programming of the coin that create incompatibilities between the older and newer version. 

From this article you will learn about all past and upcoming forks of the cryptocurrencies which occur during the year of 2018.

Date Cryptocurrency fork
March 1 LeviarCoin
March 1 PacCoin
March 2 Hexx
March 15 Burst
March 30 Musicoin
April 16 Rupee
April 21 Litecoin Private
April 30 Monero V
May 15 GlobalToken
May 15 Bitcoin Cash
May 27 Mooncoin
May 2018 Ethereum Classic
June 7 BitShares
June 12 Bytecoin
June 26 Zcash
July 5 Bitcoin Gold
Q2 of 2018 HempCoin
Summer 2018 DigiByte
Q3 of 2018 BitcoinZeroX
Winter 2018 Dogethereum

March 1


LeviarCoin is a CryptoNote-based currency, which implements such features as untraceable payments, unlinkable transactions, double-spending proof, blockchain analysis resistance, egalitarian Proof of Work and adaptive limits.

Leviarcoin logo

The fork will take place on 1st of March 2018 and developers recommend not to make any transactions until that time.

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PAC is a community driven successor to Bitcoin, incorporating various improvements such as a two-tier incentivized network, known as the Masternode network. The major aim of PAC is to become the most efficient and user-friendly cryptocurrency that is available globally.

paccoin logo

At the beginning of January 2018, PacCoin has announced important dates for the community in its official Twitter account.

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March 2

Hexx Coin

Hexx coin is a privacy focused digital currency with stable client and ongoing development. Hexxcoin implements Zerocoin protocol to ensure anonymity for coin users.

Hexx coin logo

Hexx coin fork is due to occur on on block 222665, after the release of the new wallet.

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March 15


Burst is built with the blockchain technology, meaning that transactions are secured by military-grade cryptography. Burst is ruled by its network of users and cannot be altered by governments.

Burst coin logo

The first fork of Burst coin is planned to happen around block 470 000, which will be created approximately in the middle of March.

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March 30


Musicoin is created for both musicians and listeners. Its musical economy empowers listeners to freely participate via various value-added services that it has built and is actively building on top of the platform.

Musicoin logo

Musicoin has announced that it plans to upgrade with blockchain hard fork, aiming to support enhanced security and more efficient transactions.

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April 16


Rupee cryptocurrency has announced that it will implement the hard fork on April 16, 2018.

rupee logo

As it is stated on the official website of the project, the implementation of Lyra2REv2 hard fork represents a major milestone in achieving Rupee’s vision for an open blockchain platform for India and South Asia.

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April 21

Litecoin Private

Litecoin Private should allow private transactions due to the utilization of zkSNARKs, and smart contract capabilities alongside with the “revolutionary” DAO Management Engine.

Litecoin private

Desktop wallets alongside with the source code will be released soon.

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April 30


MoneroV is a private cryptocurrency fork of the Monero blockchain. Monero is a secure, private, and untraceable cryptocurrency. It is open-source and accessible to all.

Monerov logo

A split will occur at block 1529810 when MoneroV miners will start to create blocks on the MoneroV network.

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May 15


The team behind the GlobalToken project has announced that GlobalToken will be having a hard fork on May 15, 2018 and the work on the hard fork has already begun on Github.

GlobalToken logo

The block height is not announced yet as the team is still in talks with its Lawyers and Government regarding regulatory concerns.

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May 15

Bitcoin Cash

Developers of Bitcoin Cash claimed that they will do their best to enable enhanced features facilitating use-cases such as timestamping, representative tokens, and more complex transaction scripting.

bitcoin cash logo

The initial upgrade to 32MB should kick in on May 15, 2018 followed by a subsequent upgrade deployment in November.

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May 27


Mooncoin is designed for micro payments with very low transaction fees. All transactions are secured by its algorithm developed over three years, and is continually fine tuned for optimum performance.

Mooncoin logo

According to the team, this fork will not include a burn of coins and this fork will not generate another coin as Bitcoin Cash fork did.

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May 2018

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic, a continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain, is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

Ethereum classic logo

Difficulty Bomb will be removed from Ethereum Classic Mainnet at block 5,900,000 in order to avoid collapse of the network.

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June 7


The most proximate hard fork of BitShares cryptocurrency will go live on June 7, 2018. 

Bitshares logo

The Feature Release will span approximately three weeks from planning through tested and delivered software, called a sprint. 

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June 12


As it is stated in the roadmap of Bytecoin, its hard fork will be implemented on June 12, including a new dynamic fee system and deconstruction of the old API.

bytecoin logo

All users are recommended to move to the new wallet by that time.

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June 12


Zcash reported the successful activation of Overwinter - the software needed for the future major upgrade called Sapling.


Overwinter includes version control, protection from replaying transactions for future upgrades, an overall improvement in the health of transparent transactions, and other new features.

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July 5

Bitcoin Gold

On block 536200 Bitcoin Gold network was transferred to the modified Equihash-BTG algorithm, not supported by classic ASIC-miners. This is reported in official blog.

Bitcoin Gold

Thus, the project promotes one of its main ideas, which consists in avoiding ASIC-mining.

Read more about the Bitcoin Gold hard fork 

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Q2 of 2018


In February 2018 we have reported about the plans of HempCoin to implement the hard fork on February 23, but reportedly those plans were changed.

Hempcoin logo

HempCoin has published an announcement stating that THC will hard fork in the second quarter of 2018.

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Summer 2018


DigiByte has issued the blockchain development plan for 2018, revealing that DigiByte Core v6.16.2, which is the foundation wallet, will be released in March of 2018.

digibyte logo

The new DigiByte wallet will have a new look, bug fixes and more features.

Read more about the DigiByte hard fork 

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Q3 of 2018


According to the white paper of Hexx coin, it will be used to “extend” the functionality of other cryptocurrencies with a low markup - this type of solution is also called merging or co-forking.

BitcoinZerox logo

Reportedly Hexx coin plans to merge Bitcoin blockchain with Zero protocol, creating a completely new coin BitcoinZeroX (BTCZ) in the third quarter of 2018.

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Winter 2018


Dogethereum ia a new decentralized digital currency, which will be founded on snapshot of Dogecoin and based on ETH algorithm with fastest speed of transactions, smart contracts, appeared on Bitcointalk.

dogethereum logo

As it was stated in the announcement, the goal of the project is to push Doge currency to the brand new direction, with no ASIC mining, speed and simplicity.

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Top Ongoing ICO 23rd - 29th September

Check these cool new ICOs: Modex, Coin Analyst, eLYQD, BitNautic, Pool of Stake, Tachain and Solidfied
23 September 2018   158

Every week we find a large number of projects which are holding Initial Coin Offerings in order to be able to bring their incredible ideas to life. There are a lot of news regarding ICO and cryptocurrency, and we do our best to report about the updates released, or the crypto conferences held all over the world. And now it’s time to look at the ICO market! In a list below you will find our reviews of the projects we consider worth looking at this week. As you already know, Hype.Codes team is working hard to deliver all top-notch ICO news!

Current list for quick navigation Modex, Coin Analyst, eLYQD, BitNautic, Pool of StakeTachain, Solidfield

Ongoing ICO

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1. Modex

Hype.Codes rate  92

Modex has built a Smart Contract Marketplace and a Blockchain Developer Tools Platform. Modex aims to become the go to place for developers looking to monetize their blockchain programming skills and increase their revenue, as well as companies in need of blockchain development services and ready-to-buy smart contracts.

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Sales dates: Sep 15th - 25th
Accepted currencies. Various
Cap 10577066 USD
Website and Whitepaper 

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2. Coin Analyst 

Hype.Codes rate  90

CoinAnalyst is an information and analysis platform for all cryptocurrencies and ICOs worldwide. Purchase and sale decisions can be made on the basis of valid data and intelligent analyses. This enables the user to identify opportunities and risks and react promptly and proactively to price fluctuations. The application thus creates a high degree of transparency when it comes to operating in this new and volatile market.

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Sales dates: Jul 7th - Oct 31st 
Accepted currencies. ETH
Hard cap 20M EUR
Website and Whitepaper 

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3. eLYQD 

Hype.Codes rate  89

One of the main features of eLYQD is the use of blockchain technology, which allows making the platform transparent, open and as safe as possible for both transaction parties, reduction of transaction and business costs, and simplifying of the purchase process.

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Sales dates: Jul 9th - Sep 30th
Accepted currencies. ETH
Soft cap $2M
Hard cap $15M
Website and Whitepaper 

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4. BitNautic 

Hype.Codes rate  85

BitNautic is a decentralized platform, based on the Ethereum Blockchain, for matching demand and supply of shipping services, for all the industry stakeholders: producers of goods, ship owners, charterers, brokers, importers and exporters. BitNautic comes with distinctive features like AI (Artificial Intelligence) based booking system, a real-time tracking of ships and cargo, and a wholesale e-commerce platform.

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Sales dates: Jul 11th - Sep 30th 
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC, LTC, ZEC, BCH, DASH, DCR, XMR, Fiat
Soft cap 5k ETH
Hard cap 50k ETH
Website and Whitepaper 

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5. Pool of Stake 

Hype.Codes rate  80

Qtum, Stratis, Universa and soon Ethereum holders can unite in the Pool of Stake and start staking together. Pool of Stake aims to operate in all types of PoS blockchains- Smart Contract platforms or blockchains with a delegated mechanism. The main goal for Pool of Stake is to increase the profits for small stakers by enabling a trusted environment to pool funds together. For this purpose, two ERC-20 tokens are used. First, the PSK token that gives discounts an rewards withdrawal fees. Second, an IOU token that acknowledges the user’s investment. The PSK platform will provide an analytics tool via a smart i.o. database that will allow members to track, control and optimize their investments. In this white paper, we explain the implementation of Pool of Stake and its services. We elaborate the governance vision which will be developed in the coming months to ensure that the PSK community remains.

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Sales dates: Jul 20th - Sep 30th
Accepted currencies. ETH
Soft cap $2M
Hard cap $8M
Website and Whitepaper 

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6. Tachain  

Hype.Codes rate  79

Tachain provides comprehensive ad targeting system for advertisers while maintaining full security and effectiveness of a full scale transportation app. With our functionalities in play, we are in a position to steer toward our mission of providing a valid and secure blockchain based service full of fun and joy to our users.

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Sales dates: Jul 23rd - Dec 31st 
Accepted currencies. ETH
Soft cap $2M
Hard cap $10M
Website and Whitepaper 

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7. Solidfied 

Hype.Codes rate  80

The future will be built on smart contracts. Smart contracts are only as secure as the code they are written in. As they are immutable after release, they need reliable security due diligence to earn companies and users trust and value. With 200+ code experts and 400k ETH of market cap. secured, Solidified is the market leader in smart contract security already. We know the market and its bugs. It's still fully centralized which allows for fraud and hacks and bad or lazy work hardly has consequences for the auditor. We can fix this. Introducing the first decentralized audit system & Bug Prediction Market! Actors can stake on whether a vulnerability will be discovered in a smart contract by a certain date. The basis for such a market is a smart contract that has been audited and secured by an individual or a group of auditors using the Solidified platform. These actors are held accountable for securing the code by having staked income and reputation in the form of the Solid Token.

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Sales dates: Jul 23rd - Oct 23rd
Accepted currencies. ETH
Hard cap 36k ETH
Website and Whitepaper 

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