'Master' & 'Slave' Words to be Removed From Python

These service words will be removed from one of the most popular programming languages for political correctness
13 September 2018   319

The creator of the Python programming language, Guido van Rossum, announced that Python 3.8 will remove designs with the words "master" and "slave" for reasons of political correctness. This proposal was made by a Red Hat employee and one of the key developers of Python Victor Stinner. He believes that words are associated with slavery and inequality.

The proposal caused discussion in the circles of developers. In the opinion of opponents of change, Stinner mixes politics and programming, and "master" and "slave" are just terms whose meaning has nothing to do with the approval of slavery. In addition, their replacement can lead to violation of backward compatibility, community members are sure.

Guido van Rossum accepted four out of five commits. Among them:

  • master process is replaced by the parent process;
  • master option mappings replaced by main option mappings;
  • master pattern object replaced by main pattern object;
  • in the ssl module, the word master is replaced by server;
  • in pty.spawn () the parameter master_read is replaced with parent_read;
  • the pty.slave_open () method is renamed to pty.child_open (), but thepty.slave_open call is still left for backward compatibility;
  • in os.openpty () and os.forkpty (), the parameters of master_fd / slave_fd are renamed to parent_fd / child_fd;
  • internal variables master_fd, slave_fd and slave_name are renamed to parent_fd, child_fd and child_name respectively;
  • the --slaveargs option is replaced by --worker-args;
  • the function run_tests_slave () is renamed to run_tests_worker ()

The creator of the Redis database, Salvatore Sanfilippo, also suggested to get rid of it from the terms "master" and "slave". Participants want to rename SLAVEOF operations to REPLICAOF and slaveof settings in replicaof. At the same time, SLAVEOF support will remain as an option for maintaining compatibility. For the same purpose, the slave feature in the INFO and ROLE commands remains. In the future, community members want to come up with an alternative to INFO and replace the slave with a replica in the ROLE.

Google to Release Cloud Inference API

Cloud Inference API can be used for real time big data analysis 
20 September 2018   91

Google introduced an alpha version of the service for time series analysis. It processes information about events at the time - clicks, requests, activations of IoT devices, and so on. The Cloud Inference API analyzes these data in real time, finds correlations and makes predictions based on it.

Cloud Inference API
Cloud Inference API 

Service features:

  • A simple tree-like query language that allows you to specify your own time markers.
  • Online processing of incoming data with minimal delay. Therefore, Google recommends using the API in interactive user applications.
  • Ability to process data arrays of different volumes (up to trillions of records) and work under high load (up to hundreds of thousands of requests per second).
  • Full integration with Google Cloud Storage, which provides access to the same data in different services of the platform.
  • More information about the work of the tool can be found in the documentation.

Google noted that the service will be useful for a wide range of industries. Retailers can analyze the impact of pedestrian traffic on the level of sales conversion, content providers - the popularity of materials to provide better personal recommendations.

Now the Cloud Inference API is already being used by Snap to analyze the data received through the Snapchat application.

Google Cloud is developing a number of cloud services. At the end of August 2018, the company updated the tools for converting speech to text and vice versa. Cloud Text-to-Speech received support for several new languages ​​and voices, and Cloud Speech-to-Text - recognition of several speakers, language and the ability to highlight important words