Mastercard Open to Crypto on Several Conditions

Mastercard representative stated that the company would consider facilitating the use of national digital currencies issued by central banks
19 March 2018   1656

Mastercard Incorporated is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in New York, United States. Its principal business is to process payments between the banks of merchants and the card issuing banks or credit unions of the purchasers who use debit and credit cards to make purchases. 

Financial Times reports that Ari Saker, the senior executive at the Mastercard, stated that the company would be "happy" to consider facilitating the use of national digital currencies issued by central banks. The trick is that they are ready to do that on certain conditions: cryptocurrency should be backed by the regulator, meet all the regulatory requirements and should not be anonymous.

If governments look to create national digital currency we’d be very happy to look at those in a more favourable way [compared with existing cryptocurrencies]. So long as it’s backed by a regulator and the value . . . it is not anonymous, it is meeting all the regulatory requirements, I think that would be of greater interest for us to explore.

Ari Sarker

Co-president, Mastercard's Asia-Pacific business

Moreover, he added that MasterCard Labs is working on a blockchain technology that should support a wide range of use cases, like interbank payments, tracking trade finance obligations along the value chain, exchanging know your customer and anti-money laundering data between trusted parties, and more.

Previously, we have reported that both Mastercard and VISA decided to change the way cryptocurrency purchases were processed on their networks.

BNC to Monitor BTC Community's Mood

The system called Twitter Sentiment analyzes over 34M BTC-related Twitter posts each week, using AI to track the mood of the community
22 January 2020   131

Blockchain-based New Zealand-based research firm Brave New Coin (BNC) has unveiled a new system for measuring the mood of the Bitcoin community based on Twitter messages.

According to BNC, the new Twitter Sentiment rating system analyzes over 34 million BTC-related Twitter posts each week. The company uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that look for records containing the words bitcoin, $ BTC and BTC and others.

BNC notes that user sentiment continues to be a “significant” factor in the price and dynamics of digital assets, and a new technique has been developed to track these sentiments. According to the BNC, it took 18 months to launch the Bitcoin Twitter Sentiment. The data obtained is divided into seven categories - Opinion, Technical Information, Inside the Network, Advertising, Bots, Macros and Hacking.

For the week ending January 17, the most common entries were in the Opinion category - their number was 30.42% of all data received. In second place was the category Technical Information, and in third inside the network (includes information on mining and hashrate).

BNC spokeswoman Pierre Ansaldi said that during the first quarter of this year, the company will also launch community sentiment analysis tools for other crypto assets.