Matchpool released Alpha version

Decentralized social platform is designed for connecting people and has a monetization feature
13 July 2017   2125

Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks.

Israeli startup Matchpool announced the release of an alpha version of its blockchain platform.

The startup has attracted the attention of blockchain community at the end of last year. Developers announced that they want to create a social platform based on a blockchain technology. Main feature of the project is ability for monetization. 

The platform is often described as a "mix of Tinder and Slack", as it involves the creation of channels that are actually separate websites. The owner of such a channel will have excellent opportunities for earning some amount in the domestic currency of the platform, called Guppies.


Open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality, which facilitates online contractual agreements.

Community liked the idea. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain how Matchpool managed to gain 125,000 ETH in two days, which was $ 6 million at that time.

The alpha version of the platform implies the ability to create your own pools based on some common interests, visit other people's pools, create group or personal chats, and post your own content in a general newsfeed.


In addition, the creator of the pool has the ability to specify a specific geographical targeting for potential participants, as well as make membership in the pool paid or free.

Matchpool platform, built on Ethereum smart contracts, was created to help you find a partner based on common interests.

According to the representatives of the project, after collecting feedback and public testing of the alpha version, work will begin on a beta version, which is expected to be submitted in six months. In addition, Jonathan Ben Shimon said that he was approached by "some influential entertainment industry players" who plan to use Matchpool to work with their communities.

Bear Market to Hit Mining Hard

BitMEX research division presented an analysis of the impact of market decline on the mining industry
11 December 2018   75

The cryptocurrency market has experienced a marked decline over the past weeks. The BitMEX research division presented an analysis of the impact of these events on the mining industry. Bitcoin hash rate has fallen by 31% since the beginning of November, which is equivalent to the capacity of 1.3 million Bitmain S9 devices. From this, BitMEX concludes that miners as a class are in a difficult situation, however, they may have different conditions, and those who pay more for electricity, are forced to turn off their equipment first, while others may still be quite viable.

The decrease in the price of Bitcoin by 45% since the beginning of November has already caused two recalculations of the complexity of mining to the lower side - by 7.4% and 15.1% on November 16 and December 3, respectively. The first recalculation turned out to be the largest since January 2013, the second - since October 2011.

Bitcoin mining revenue fell from $ 13 million per day in early November to $ 6 million per day in early December. The fall in the size of the miner's encouragement turned out to be even more rapid than the fall in the price of cryptocurrency. This is due to the delay in recalculating the complexity of mining. For the six-day period ending December 3, 21.8% fewer blocks were mined than expected, since the miners left the network before recalculating the difficulty. As a result, in addition to reducing the size of the miners' encouragement in dollar terms, due to lower asset prices, they received 21.8% less bitcoin awards.

One of the popular reasons for the recent decline in the cryptocurrency market is that miners sold bitcoins to cover their costs of hash warsin the Bitcoin Cash network. The monitoring platform Boltzmann recorded an unusually large sale of Bitcoin by the miner on November 12, that is, 3 days before the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash.

BitMEX assumes that the actions of miners over the past weeks could have played a significant role in reducing the market, however, recommends not overestimating their value and reminds that in a bearish trend, prices continue to fall regardless of asset movements and news.