Matrix & Riot Hosts Shut Down Due to Hack

Matrix team says that the hacking was done through a vulnerability in an un-upgraded Jenkins continuous integration system
12 April 2019   1424

The developers of the platform for decentralized messaging Matrix have announced an emergency shutdown of the servers and (the main client of the Matrix) in connection with the hacking of the project infrastructure. The first shutdown took place last night, after which the servers were restored, and the applications were reassembled from the reference source. But a few minutes ago the servers were compromised a second time.

The attackers placed on the main page of the project detailed information about the server configuration and the data on whether they have a database with hashes of almost five and a half million Matrix users. As evidence, hash password of project leader is in open access. The modified site code is placed in the repository of attackers on GitHub (not in the official matrix repository). Details about the second hack are not yet available.

After the first hacking, the Matrix team published a report stating that the hacking was done through a vulnerability in an un-upgraded Jenkins continuous integration system. After gaining access to the server with Jenkins, the attackers intercepted the SSH keys and were able to access other infrastructure servers. It was stated that the source code and packages were not affected by the attack. The attack also did not affect servers. But the attackers gained access to the main DBMS, which also contains unencrypted messages, access tokens and password hashes.

All users were adviced to change passwords. But in the process of changing passwords in the main Riot client, users are faced with the loss of files with backup copies of keys for restore encrypted correspondence and the inability to access message history.

Calligra Plan 3.2 to be Available

Calligra Plan is a project management tools that allows you, for example, to coordinate the execution of tasks, plan the lead time, etc
19 November 2019   105

The release of the Calligra Plan 3.2 project management system (formerly KPlato), which is part of the Calligra office suite developed by KDE developers, is presented. Calligra Plan allows you to coordinate the execution of tasks, determine the relationships between ongoing work, plan the lead time, track the status of different stages of development and manage the allocation of resources when developing large projects.\

Some of the updates:

  • Add drag/drop and copy/paste using text/html and text/plain mimetypes.
  • This can be done from most table based views along with gantt charts and performance charts.
  • Add project templates.
  • Templates can be created from regular projects and stored in different places.
  • Settings are added to point to template storage.
  • Add hyper link handling to description editor.

Get more info at the official website