Medical Solutions Made Accessible Through Blockchain

From this article you will learn how KPR Medical Solutions aims to supply the world with high quality medical cannabis products through the pharmaceutical industry using blockchain technology
23 January 2018   950

The product of hemp has existed for a long period of time to generate construction materials, paper and clothing. The industry of selling medical marijuana in Australia has only had valid legislation with a licence since November 2016. KPR Medical Solutions project aims to target pharmaceutical companies with the sale of their grown product and have identified markets who will buy any excess oils of the production as the market has a potential to expand over time to recreational users.

What is KPR Medical Solutions?

KPR Medical Solutions will provide the two main product categories of the cryptocurrency ‘KPR Coin’ and the produce and supply of medical cannabis in Australia and around the world. The KPR Coin’s launch as a cryptocurrency is to be available for purchase in exchange for Ethereum. The funds raised will be used to commence the medical solutions product. KPR intends to strive for both the business and community’s long-term sustainability. 

This is a crowd funding investment to help set-up KPR Medical Solutions and Renewable Mining Australia as a joint venture for 100% renewable / Eco-friendly farms. A significant discount will be given if the KPR coin is used to purchase any product from KPR Medical Solutions. This is one of many reasons why the coin will be active and increase value.

KPR Coin Advantages

  • In Australia, medical marijuana shares are among the most popular on the Australian Shares Exchange and the capital growth potential in KPR Coins is tremendous
  • The more KPR Coins investors buy, the higher they will be regarded, as the founders intend to often meet with investors, hold events and keep them up to date on the success of the business
  • The functionality of the KPR Coin is going to a good cause of treating the terminally ill with cancer
  • There is a large number of website sign-ups and social media demand with over 10,000,000 KPR Coins already verbally committed to be purchased 2 months prior to the Initial Coin Offer
  • The exchange purchase rate will be 1ETH : 3,000 KPR Coins, subject to the price of Ethereum on the ICO date

KPR RoadmapKPR Roadmap

KPR Medical Solutions Goals

  • To generate value in KPR Coin to support the contributors who supported the project
  • To grow a high quality, accessible product 
  • To make the world a better place than before the business commenced
  • Operate towards long-term viability and sustainability through achieving profits
  • To raise $12 million to build the renewable power generators and buy enough mining equipment
  • To build a farm including total of 16 sheds
  • Within 3-5 years to expand to 20-30 high THC, 5-10 High CBD flower sheds and having outdoor crops available netting huge profits withing 5 years
  • After 3 years to double the grow size to 20 flower sheds, 3 grow sheds etc.
  • To install a 100+MW solar/wind renewable power system on premise with battery storage units built in 

Medical Education

KPR Medical Solutions is committed to providing Australian Doctors and patients with leading medicinal cannabis education.


KPR Medical Solutions have partnered with MediHuanna to provide education that enables health professionals, carers, and patients to have a better understanding of the science behind cannabis, potential applications and the current prescribing process in Australia. MediHuanna provides an introduction to medicinal cannabis.

KPR Medical Solutions Token Sale Information

Phase 1 KPR Price. 1 ETH for 3000 KPR Coins
Release date. 1st of February, 2018
Duration. 3 weeks
Phase 2 KPR Price. 1 ETH for 2000 KPR Coins
Release date. 1st of March, 2018
Duration. 3 weeks​
Phase 3 KPR Price. 1 ETH for 1000 KPR Coins
Release Date. 1st of April, 2018
Duration. 3 weeks​

KPR Token AllocationKPR Token Allocation

Total amount of coins. 100,000,000 KPR
Hard cap. $30,000,000


  • Whitepaper

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Token Sales Still 'Rampant', China State TV Says

Country's highest-level government mouthpiece, has hit out at domestic ICOs that it says are still "rampant," despite a 2017 ban
23 May 2018   65

China Central Television (CCTV), the country's largest government mouthpiece, paid attention to the ICO theme, saying that this sphere, despite the ban introduced in 2017, is still "rampant." This is reported by CoinDesk.

During the Financial News broadcast, the media reported that the ban on the ICO was imposed last September by the People's Bank of China did not deter local investors from investing in the crypto sector. On the contrary, their desire for rapid enrichment led to the rise of this area of ​​the economy.

Further, CCTV told about the sharp rise, as the Chinese crypto community calls them, "air coins" - told about tokens, for which there are no legally registered companies - and stated that the number of these "air coins" increased by 30 times after the ICO ban.

While many business entities have moved their projects overseas following the ICO ban, a lot of these 'air coins' carried on fundraising in China without migration because they are loosely organized as a temporary team, not even a formal business entity.


These projects often state that they are connected with well-known crypto-currency investors like Li Xiaolai, one of the first investors and bitocain evangelists in China, to appear legitimate.

99.99 percent of the time, I'm being associate with these projects without even knowing it. There's always this fear of missing out (FOMO) among investors. And when they can't make judgments by themselves, they tend to refer to whoever influential is associated with the project.

Li Xiaolai

Cryptocurrency investor

China's central television is not the first time trying to tell the public about the "chaos" that prevails in the crypto-currency market. Simultaneously, China's law enforcement agencies stepped up efforts to combat projects aimed at attracting investor funds through the sale of tokens.