Medical Solutions Made Accessible Through Blockchain

From this article you will learn how KPR Medical Solutions aims to supply the world with high quality medical cannabis products through the pharmaceutical industry using blockchain technology
23 January 2018   1476

The product of hemp has existed for a long period of time to generate construction materials, paper and clothing. The industry of selling medical marijuana in Australia has only had valid legislation with a licence since November 2016. KPR Medical Solutions project aims to target pharmaceutical companies with the sale of their grown product and have identified markets who will buy any excess oils of the production as the market has a potential to expand over time to recreational users.

What is KPR Medical Solutions?

KPR Medical Solutions will provide the two main product categories of the cryptocurrency ‘KPR Coin’ and the produce and supply of medical cannabis in Australia and around the world. The KPR Coin’s launch as a cryptocurrency is to be available for purchase in exchange for Ethereum. The funds raised will be used to commence the medical solutions product. KPR intends to strive for both the business and community’s long-term sustainability. 

This is a crowd funding investment to help set-up KPR Medical Solutions and Renewable Mining Australia as a joint venture for 100% renewable / Eco-friendly farms. A significant discount will be given if the KPR coin is used to purchase any product from KPR Medical Solutions. This is one of many reasons why the coin will be active and increase value.

KPR Coin Advantages

  • In Australia, medical marijuana shares are among the most popular on the Australian Shares Exchange and the capital growth potential in KPR Coins is tremendous
  • The more KPR Coins investors buy, the higher they will be regarded, as the founders intend to often meet with investors, hold events and keep them up to date on the success of the business
  • The functionality of the KPR Coin is going to a good cause of treating the terminally ill with cancer
  • There is a large number of website sign-ups and social media demand with over 10,000,000 KPR Coins already verbally committed to be purchased 2 months prior to the Initial Coin Offer
  • The exchange purchase rate will be 1ETH : 3,000 KPR Coins, subject to the price of Ethereum on the ICO date

KPR RoadmapKPR Roadmap

KPR Medical Solutions Goals

  • To generate value in KPR Coin to support the contributors who supported the project
  • To grow a high quality, accessible product 
  • To make the world a better place than before the business commenced
  • Operate towards long-term viability and sustainability through achieving profits
  • To raise $12 million to build the renewable power generators and buy enough mining equipment
  • To build a farm including total of 16 sheds
  • Within 3-5 years to expand to 20-30 high THC, 5-10 High CBD flower sheds and having outdoor crops available netting huge profits withing 5 years
  • After 3 years to double the grow size to 20 flower sheds, 3 grow sheds etc.
  • To install a 100+MW solar/wind renewable power system on premise with battery storage units built in 

Medical Education

KPR Medical Solutions is committed to providing Australian Doctors and patients with leading medicinal cannabis education.


KPR Medical Solutions have partnered with MediHuanna to provide education that enables health professionals, carers, and patients to have a better understanding of the science behind cannabis, potential applications and the current prescribing process in Australia. MediHuanna provides an introduction to medicinal cannabis.

KPR Medical Solutions Token Sale Information

Phase 1 KPR Price. 1 ETH for 3000 KPR Coins
Release date. 1st of February, 2018
Duration. 3 weeks
Phase 2 KPR Price. 1 ETH for 2000 KPR Coins
Release date. 1st of March, 2018
Duration. 3 weeks​
Phase 3 KPR Price. 1 ETH for 1000 KPR Coins
Release Date. 1st of April, 2018
Duration. 3 weeks​

KPR Token AllocationKPR Token Allocation

Total amount of coins. 100,000,000 KPR
Hard cap. $30,000,000


  • Whitepaper

More Information

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Top Ongoing ICO 30th September - 6th October

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30 September 2018   420

Every week we find a large number of projects which are holding Initial Coin Offerings in order to be able to bring their incredible ideas to life. There are a lot of news regarding ICO and cryptocurrency, and we do our best to report about the updates released, or the crypto conferences held all over the world. And now it’s time to look at the ICO market! In a list below you will find our reviews of the projects we consider worth looking at this week. As you already know, Hype.Codes team is working hard to deliver all top-notch ICO news!

Current list for quick navigation PlutusX, Rays Network, INGOT COIN, Multiven, Tresorio HUBPARQ, Remoneta

Ongoing ICO

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1. PlutusX

Hype.Codes rate  92

PlutusX’s mission since its inception in 2015 has had one core drive: to reinvent the way investing was perceived. We planned on disrupting the status quo by providing tools that otherwise would have been exclusively reserved to the ultra-wealthy. We have now advanced our mission with the progression of blockchain technology and decentralized tools, that will allow us to take our mission to a global and borderless platform. The potential to satisfy the demand for aggregated financial services in the crypto industry is perhaps the most exciting banking development of the past 100 years. The prize for those who are successful is a place on a global banking landscape that can never be matched by any traditional banking development plan.

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Sales dates: Jun 27th - Oct 30th
Accepted currencies. BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, Fiat
Soft cap $3M
Hard cap $38.4M
Website and Whitepaper 

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2. Rays Network 

Hype.Codes rate  90

Rays Network is based on a whole new blockchain technology which is growing and improving all the time. For a few years now, blockchain technology has been increasingly adopted, but there are still many problems that hold this technology back from going mainstream. Rays Network is looking to solve many of these problems. Rays Network is a cryptocurrency that aims to Revolutionize your experience within the cryptocurrency world. We have identified common cryptocurrency issues ranging from usability to how decentralized systems operate. We are adopting known features inside cryptocurrency world such as Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) and Bulletproof algorithm but we have modified features to accommodate our community’s needs.

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Sales dates: Jul 1st - Dec 31st 
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC, XSH
Soft cap $2M
Hard cap $20M
Website and Whitepaper 

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Hype.Codes rate  89

INGOT Coin is the first fully integrated Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and ICO Accelerator. All components are rolled into a single and complete ecosystem, which rewards token holders and consumers for using and contributing to it. INGOT Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which provides benefits and discounts within the ecosystem itself. IC will be based on a ERC20 technology.

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Sales dates: Jul 1st - Oct 10th
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC, TIO, Fiat
Soft cap $37M
Hard cap $90M
Website and Whitepaper 

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4. Multiven 

Hype.Codes rate  85

MULTIVEN OPEN MARKETPLACE: The world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for the global $3 Trillion IT products and services Industry. - Reduce your IT hardware, software & services costs by up to 75%. - Decentralise your procurement worldwide. - Buy and sell, new and used equipment, peer-to-peer.

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Sales dates: Jul 1st - Oct 9th 
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC, LTC, EUR, USD
Soft cap 10M EUR
Hard cap 50M EUR
Website and Whitepaper 

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5. Tresorio HUB 

Hype.Codes rate  80

Tresorio HUB is a transparent, decentralized, sustainable and scalable ecosystem, accessible through a cloud platform, our HUB Platform, allowing an easier access to computing resources. These resources will be used for various use cases such as blockchain mining, 3D rendering, Machine Learning model training, or complex scientific computations. The HUB platform will be powered by our Green Network’s clusters and smart-boilers, as well as computing resources made available from thousands of contributors through decentralized marketplaces. Our ambition is to create an efficient ecosystem, democratizing access to computing resources to all types of users. We aim at disrupting the centralized paradigm in Cloud Computing.

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Sales dates: Jul 5th - Oct 31st
Soft cap 7600 ETH
Hard cap 109,6k ETH
Website and Whitepaper 

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6. PARQ  

Hype.Codes rate  79

Parksen combats worldwide traffic congestion and pollution through a Green, Smart and Connected City Platform, which utilizes the IOTA and Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, IoT devices, artificial intelligence and a real-time parking app. The Parksen parking app, running in over 100 Dutch municipalities, allows drivers all around the globe to find and pay for their parking spaces in advanced, showing them the closest one to their destination, saving them money, time and frustration, as well as helping to reduce CO2 emissions. We receive a 5% kickback fee on all parking transactions that were activated by our cloud based SAAS solution, and by distributing smart, low priced IoT devices and a free-to-use platform to commercial parking providers and local, regional and national governments, we aim to disrupt a 100 billion dollar industry.

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Sales dates: Aug 1st - May 31st 
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard cap $19.5M
Website and Whitepaper 

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7. ReMoneta 

Hype.Codes rate  80

ReMoneta Taking crypto to the mainstream ReMoneta is the only land-backed system in crypto, delivering real measureable and stable value today. ReMoneta is a strongly-capitalised ReFinTech company based in the EU combining real estate, finance and technology. At the centre of ReMoneta is our community. Together we have designed a frictionless hub - the safest and most stable integrated online currency system in the market. It is the only online currency and payment system with a fully stable price, zero transaction costs, large scaling and instant network verification, land backed and totally secure where community members and retailers earn money from "community mining" via their real world actions to promote positive global values and the community. The system allows micropayments - opening up a new industry as well as members being able to create code or even a business node on the network. ReMoneta solves the key problems in crypto today, creating a central hub between crypto and commerce, allowing crypto to go mainstream.

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Sales dates: Jul 24th - Oct 31st
Accepted currencies. ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard cap $5M
Website and Whitepaper 

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