Medici Ventures invests into Caribbean company Bitt

The subsidiary of the well-known online retailer Overstock invests three million USD in the blockchain oriented company Bitt (Barbados)
19 March 2018   509

This move will provide the company an essential growth in ownership (by 8.6 percent).

Bitt was founded in 2015 in Barbados as a mobile payment platform for the Caribbean market. Then the company developed its own digital system of commerce based on blockchain technologies. Medici Ventures had already made a significant stake in the company in 2016 (it invested 4 million US dollars). This year Bitt had made its version of digital Barbadian dollar on the bitcoin blockchain.

Bitt started a partnership with Montserrat (the Caribbean island) in February, 2018 in order to introduce its platform for digital payments in this region. With the help of smaller economies, struggling with the liquidity and the financial institutions (such as the ones in the Caribbean), it is not difficult to observe the way how 

blockchain-based alternatives would be able to change the current situation. The company is making possible the purchase of services or goods using digital version of currency that can be accessed and transferred through a mobile application.

The President of Medici Ventures and the CEO of Bitt are both rather optimistic about this investment. Jonathan Johnson (Medici Ventures) finds Bitt`s new technologies progressive and useful and Rawdon Adams (Bitt) is thankful to Medici Ventures for the great support in their mission.

The division of Medici Ventures, based in 2014 had made a substantial contribution to the development of the blockchain technologies. In November, 2017 its another subsidiary - tZero started the run of an initial coin offering (ICO). Nowadays Medici Ventures has got an investments` portfolio that includes nine different organizations whose activity is connected with the blockchain technology.

Barclays to Freeze Crypto Trading Project

This is reported by two anonymous sources to Financial News London
15 October 2018   100

One of the largest UK bank Barclays has suspended work on its own crypto-trading project, Financial News reports citing two sources familiar with the situation.

Earlier this year, the bank gathered a high profile team to explore opportunities for cryptocurrency trading as part of its own business. However, according to one source, the initiative was “frozen”.

The former head of Barclays for energy trading, Chris Tyrer, who headed the “digital assets project,” left the bank in September after management decided to freeze the initiative.

Together with Tyrer, the macro-strategy in the field of foreign exchange and emerging markets was Marvin Barth, Senior Technical Specialist Lee Brain, and Consultant Matthew Jobb Duval.

Their task was to determine whether cryptocurrencies are an asset class with far-reaching prospects, whether Barclays customers are interested in them and what type of IT infrastructure will be needed to work with them, the source said.