Merging Blockchain Technology With The Art Industry

From this article you will learn how All Public Art is building the world's first and biggest platform to unite artists, art galleries and art collectors to connect and trade art
06 March 2018   286

Art is undoubtedly an essential part of our life. Over the past years, newspapers have been filled with stories about art. Most of them revolve around people buying fake pieces of expensive art without realizing it or people flipping art for large amounts of money. Unfortunately, the art industry has never been very transparent and as a result, it has been suffering from counterfeit art, fraud and intermediary price manipulation for years. The industry is, however, growing at an astonishing rate of 24% per annum and is even expected to reach $9.58 billion by 2020.

What is All Public Art?

All Public Art ("APA") is building the world's first and biggest platform to unite artists, art galleries and art collectors to connect and trade art. By leveraging blockchain technology, APA plans to bring transparency in the art marketplace thereby reducing fraud, price manipulation and counterfeit art. By reducing these problems and by bringing together the entire art industry on one platform, APA is creating a huge community generating business opportunities for everyone involved.

The business opportunities are huge and by utilizing blockchain technology, All Public Art aims to turn the art industry into a safer and more prosperous place generating more equal opportunities for all artists and businesses involved.

APA started building their platform in 2015 and has been in open beta since early 2016. They are currently in the process of launching the AllPublicArt token on the platform, which will be used as the medium of exchange.

All Public Art

What does All Public Art platform offer?

  • Artists to upload and sell their work directly to art collectors without having to pay a commission
  • Paid advertising to art businesses to sell art supplies to artists
  • A subscription-based exclusive part for high-end art galleries and high-end art-collectors to sell and buy art

When artists and art collectors register themselves on the platform, they are given a unique ID and when an artist uploads his or her artwork, every single piece gets a unique ID as well. Once someone buys an artwork on the platform, a smart contract is initiated and the artwork can be shipped.

All Public Art offers several shipping services and depending on the value of an artwork, they offer 4 different methods of authentication. The most expensive being the adherence of a patented RFID chip to the back of a painting. Once the art collector has received the artwork, the AllPublicArt tokens will be released and transferred to the artist.

All public art
All Public Art

In order to build a seamless platform and to get everyone in the art industry onboard, APA has recruited a team of people from all around the globe to successfully accomplish their goals. Each member is a specialist in their field and Graham Goddard, the CEO of All Public Art, can’t wait to further roll out the platform. We asked him why people should join APA, and that is what he told us.

People should join All Public Art because art is one of the things in this world that brings more fulfilment in life. All Public Art has been dedicated to ensuring that the individuals who are enthusiastic about art, who create art and who support art – all have an outlet to connect. This is what truly separates us from our competitors; we want to ensure that people connect in a personal way, that they have the ability to discover each other, discover art and discover the beauty of creativity in a way that is more about the essence of what creativity and art is supposed to be.

Graham Goddard

CEO, All Public Art

Are you interested in joining All Public Art’s token sale? The public pre-sale will start at the end of March 2018. In order to stay up-to-date on their token sale, visit All Public Art website or join their community channels.

Where to learn more about All Public Art?

  • Website
  • Telegram
  • Facebook
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  • Instagram

TOP-3 Ongoing ICO 14 - 21 Mar According to Our Readers

Let’s check which ongoing ICOs from 14th to 21st March are considered the best according to our readers
22 March 2018   218

Our readers are dedicated cryptocurrency enthusiasts and fans of blockchain technology. We provide them with the ability to express their opinion regularly. Let’s check top three ongoing ICO according to our readers.

1. BitCar

Hyper car asset tokenization. BitCar is the first platform in the world that will allow you to P2P trade fractions of exotic cars using your crypto. Owners can peg their crypto to these hard assets for protection during times of high crypto volatility. Users will have access to this historically outperforming asset class for the first time through BitCar. BitCar will then also seek to provide fractional ownership services to the very large automotive industry using this new decentralized blockchain technology.

Bitcar ICO
Bitcar ICO

At the moment of press, tokens worth SGD 9.2 Million were sold during ICO. Great result!

2. Datarius

Datarius cryptobank is a decentralized partially closed system. As a P2P platform, the system enables users to decide themselves whether to use any of variable services and applications. This in turn allows to almost completely reduce transaction costs. Datarius serves as a direct link between lenders, borrowers, and the related services – managers, analysts, insurance companies, funds, trading terminals.

Datarius ICO
Datarius ICO

At the moment, $888 737 raised during the Datarius ITO. Good result!


The ADAMANT project is made to respond to the question of trust in private data transfer security, since it is based on a proven to be robust Blockchain conception, and its program code is open and public. The project uses modern encryption methods and unique Blockchain technology and provides a high guarantee of confidentiality of the information transfers among all users within the system.

Adamant ICO
Adamant ICO

Adamant team was able to reach soft cap! $532 949 raised! And the sale is still going!

We will keep our eye on these campaigns and we hope that their projects will be successful. We are really grateful to our readers for your opinion expression. Please, check the updated Top Ongoing ICO and take part in new poll!