Microsoft to Accept Bitcoin Cash

At the moment, feature is available only for the US customers
14 March 2018   113

IT Microsoft began accepting payments in the Bitcoin Cash crypto currency for games, Xbox consoles, applications and other products presented in the Microsoft Store. This is reported by TrustNodes

Bitcoin Cash at Microsoft
Bitcoin Cash at Microsoft

Currently, the option is available only to customers in the US.

You can now use Bitcoin Cash to INSTANTLY add credit to your Microsoft account!!! I selected Redeem Bitcoin, chose Bitcoin Cash, and used the Copay wallet on my phone to scan the QR code on my laptop, and send the payment.

The payment was received INSTANTLY and immediately added the $10 credit to my Microsoft account.

Casher at Reddit

In January, Microsoft announced that it would no longer work with Bitcoin due to high fees, but payment processing BitPay, processing crypto-currency transfers of the company, could convince it, apparently suggesting as an alternative Bitcoin Cash.

Recently, Bitcoin Cash support has been activated for 100,000+ BitPay clients.

Merchants who decided to accept payment through Bitpay can receive funds for their own crypto-currency wallets or automatically transfer them to dollars. BitPay does not specify which preference is given to which option. The last time official data was published in 2014. Then, 5,000 customers agreed to receive crypto currency without conversion to Fiat.

Zero-confirmation BCH transactions to be kept in China

The Chinese exchange Bitasia declared about the start of supporting 0-confirmation transactions for BCH
23 March 2018   225

The trading platform Bitasia is one among the first exchanges to provide zero-confirmation transactions. Due to this fact the traders can use the platform as speedily as possible.

Bitasia is a platform which allows the traders to exchange a diversity of cryptocurrencies (ETH, ETC, LTC, BTC, BCH ect.). This week the exchange claimed that after some consideration the trading platform would hold 0-confirmation transactions for the Bitcoin Cash retail chain. For merchants and other businesses such kind of transactions suggests the possibility to accept a digital currency before the first web confirmation. Nevertheless, according to the common position within the BTC community, at least one confirmation is necessary in order to preclude double spends.

Lately the developers Gavin Andresen and Tom Harding made specific patches to prevent forgeries from happening while 0-confirmation transactions are held. But then they have removed those patches from the codebase of the core. Today the BCH programmers and the community in the whole believe that zero-confirmation transactions are safe and have begun testing 0-confirms during the past few weeks. The BCH supporters were excited to find out that Bitasia had been going to keep  zero-confirmations., a new website, has recently posted a list of all the double spends` attempts against zero-confirmation BCH transactions. Those who support Bitcoin Cash are rather sceptical of the website`s data because the most part of the transactions have a cost set lower than the network relay minimum requirement. That can be explained by the fact that transactions under 1 satoshi per byte are usually never promoted among the BCH clients. Due to this, many BCH upholders regard the website as an effort to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt).