Microsoft to Announce TypeScript 3.0

Version 3.0 adds a new way to scale and structure user projects, as well as other improvements and changes
02 August 2018   332

Microsoft released TypeScript 3.0, a JavaScript add-on that introduces static types and reliable tools. The version adds a new way to scale and structure user projects, as well as other improvements and changes.

Innovations of TypeScript 3.0

  • Lists operation support, allowing the remaining parameters to be considered generic, deriving generics in the type of tuples.
  • The function of references to projects simplifies the work with scripts. It allowstsconfig.json files to reference other tsconfig.json files. In this case, TypeScript 3.0 will provide an API for linking to projects. However, for many simple applications and libraries, external tools usually aren't used. For them, the build mode was introduced. tsc --build (or its nickname tsc -b) takes a set of projects, builds them and their dependencies. When using this build mode, the flag must be set first and can be mapped to some other flags:
    • --verbose: displays each step of the build;
    • --dry: runs the assembly without distributing the files (this is useful with --verbose);
    • --clean: tries to delete files using the entered data;
    • --force: accelerates non-incremental reorganization of the project.
  • A new type is introduced - unknown, which can now be used in cases with the description of the least accessible type in TypeScript. This is useful for APIs that literally report: "The value can be anything, you need to validate it."
  • The interface of the error search function and the reasons for their occurrence have been improved. Also added support for JSX.

In June 2018 TypeScript debuted in the ranking of the top 100 TIOBE on the 93rd place. 

Microsoft to Announce TypeScript 3.0 Release Candidate

Developers ask coders to provide them with feedback regarding new version of programming language
17 July 2018   268

Microsoft has announced the release candidate for version 3.0 of its TypeScript.

TypeScript 3.0, our next release of the type system, compiler, and language service, is fast-approaching! Today we’re excited to announce the Release Candidate of TypeScript 3.0! We’re looking to get any and all feedback from this RC to successfully ship TypeScript 3.0 proper.

TypeScript Team

Main features of TypeScript 3.0:

  • Project references
  • Extracting and spreading parameter lists with tuples
  • Richer tuple types
  • The unknown type
  • Support for React’s defaultProps

Learn more at official blog.