Microsoft to Announce TypeScript 3.0 Release Candidate

Developers ask coders to provide them with feedback regarding new version of programming language
17 July 2018   305

Microsoft has announced the release candidate for version 3.0 of its TypeScript.

TypeScript 3.0, our next release of the type system, compiler, and language service, is fast-approaching! Today we’re excited to announce the Release Candidate of TypeScript 3.0! We’re looking to get any and all feedback from this RC to successfully ship TypeScript 3.0 proper.

TypeScript Team

Main features of TypeScript 3.0:

  • Project references
  • Extracting and spreading parameter lists with tuples
  • Richer tuple types
  • The unknown type
  • Support for React’s defaultProps

Learn more at official blog.

Google to Release Squoosh

Squoosh is a browser based image optimization tool
14 November 2018   100

Google talked about the new Squoosh tool for resizing images on web pages. It is distributed open source and available on GitHub. The tool is needed to compress images, change their size and format.

When creating the tool, Google focused on page loading speed. One of its key features is working offline after the first download. Actions with images Squoosh performs in the browser. The application helps to change the standard formats (PNG, JPEG, etc.) to the supported browsers: WebP, MozJPEG, etc. The user can compare the result before and after the change process.

Google published a stable version of the graphic open source format WebP at the end of April 2018. It was first proposed in 2010. This format uses compression algorithms with and without quality loss, and the result is better for the better than JPEG and PNG.