Microsoft & EEA to Create Token Taxonomy Initiative

As reported, EEA intends to act as a platform for the the Token Taxonomy Initiative, which involves the Hyperledger, R3 and Digital Asset Holdings consorti
18 April 2019   805

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) blockchain consortium launched a project with Microsoft to help businesses develop and create tokens to solve specific problems.

The EEA intends to act as a platform for the Token Taxonomy Initiative, which involves the Hyperledger, R3 and Digital Asset Holdings consortia. At the same time, IBM and Intel, JP Morgan financial holding, ConsenSys blockchain start-up and many others will participate in the project.

According to Ron Reznick, Director General of the EEA, various seminars will be available to specialists as well as the GitHub repository as part of the initiative. Already existing tokens on different blockchains will be tested, and then reduced to a single standard.

Microsoft Chief Architect Marley Gray noted that during his work with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and EEA, he often encountered various industry consortia that spent a lot of time trying to understand “how best tokenize, for example, a barrel of oil”.

Thus, as part of the initiative, it is planned to create a token constructor so that any person, even without being a technical specialist, can explain to developers what he wants from an asset.

Last year, EEA and another leading blockchain consortium Hyperledger announced a partnership that provides for the creation of uniform standards for corporate distributed networks developed by the participants of these two organizations.

Hyperledger Certified China Army Associated Company

American Accenture, Chainyard and IBM and Chinese Beijing PeerSafe Technology and Ant Financial received certificates under HCSP program
19 November 2019   112

Among the first five certified service providers of the Hyperledger blockchain consortium was a company from Beijing, which cooperates with the People’s Liberation Army of China, CoinDesk reports.

According to the Hyperledger Certified Service Provider (HCSP) program launched earlier this month, the consortium certified the American companies Accenture, Chainyard and IBM, as well as the Chinese Beijing PeerSafe Technology and Ant Financial.

Status allows them to provide services to enterprises implementing Hyperledger technologies.

Earlier, Beijing PeerSafe Technology attracted funding from the Shanghai Civil Military Integration Development Fund. This organization invests in dual-use technologies that are used for both civilian and military purposes.

Peersafe claims to be the only Chinese company to receive three state-established qualifications. Among them are permits for the sale to the Ministry of Public Security of the PRC of information protection products and software supplies for central government agencies.