Microsoft JDBC Driver 6.2 for SQL Server now available

New version of driver adds some interesting features 
14 July 2017   1548

According to Technet Blog of Microsoft, developers of JDBC driver for SQL Server recently released version 6.2. The JDBC Driver provides Java database connectivity from any Java application, application server or Java-enabled applet to Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. The driver is open source and available at no additional charge.

New features  

Let's figure out what developers had made for users. 

Performance improvements for Prepared Statements
Can be tuned using new properties to become more suitable for your application.

Azure Active Directory (AAD) support for Linux
You can connect your Linux applications to Azure SQL Database using AAD authentication via username/password and access token methods.

Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) enabled Java virtual machines
The JDBC Driver can now be used on Java virtual machines (JVMs) that run in FIPS 140 compliance mode to meet federal standards and compliance.

Kerberos Authentication Improvements 
Now this driver has support for:

  • Principal/Password method for applications where the Kerberos configuration cannot be modified or is unable to retrieve a new token or keytab. This method can be used for authenticating to a SQL Server that only allows Kerberos authentication.
  • Cross-realm authentication using Kerberos integrated authentication without explicitly setting the server service principal name (SPN). The driver now automatically computes the REALM even when it has not been provided.
  • Kerberos constrained delegation by accepting impersonated user credentials as a GSS credential object via data source. This impersonated credential is then used to establish a Kerberos connection.

Added Timeouts
The JDBC driver now supports the following configurable timeouts you can change based on your application’s needs:

  • Query Timeout to control the number of seconds to wait before a timeout occurs when running a query
  • Socket Timeout to specify the number of milliseconds to wait before a timeout occurs on a socket read or accept

Related links 

You can download the JDBC driver 6.2 jars directly from:

  • Maven Central Repository
  • Microsoft Download Center
  • GitHub

Or you can add the new driver to your Maven project by adding the following code to your POM file:


Developers also ask to help them improve their product and submit any spotted issues.

Red Hat and Microsoft join forces

Two large IT companies work together to bring the best service for their customers
23 August 2017   1356

Microsoft announced the star of cooperation with Red Hat, widely known Linux based products developer.

Let's figure out what exactly this cooperation brings for the user.

  • Windows Server can be launched on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
    • Windows Server containers will be natively supported on Red Hat OpenShift, a container application platform that brings Docker and Kubernetes to the enterprise. Red Hat OpenShift will be the first container application platform built from the open source Kubernetes project to support both Linux and Windows Server container workloads in a single platform across the multiple environments of the hybrid cloud, breaking down silos and making it easier for enterprises to pursue their cloud-native agenda.

      This capability was demonstrated at Red Hat Summit in May 2017, and is expected to be available as a Technology Preview in Spring 2018.

  • Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Microsoft Azure and Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Microsoft Azure Stack
    • Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is a container platform as a cloud service managed by Red Hat. With this announcement, it is planned for availability on Azure, Microsoft’s enterprise-grade cloud platform with availability announced across 42 regions globally — more than any other public cloud provider. Microsoft and Red Hat engineers are working closely to optimize OpenShift while running on Azure, ensuring enterprise performance standards and matching integrated support.

Alongside Microsoft, Red Hat is providing a way for organizations to truly make the technology choices that matter to them, from containerized workloads to public cloud services, without adding an equal burden of complexity. Combined with our integrated support teams, we’re able to offer an achievable pathway to digital transformation that offers the capabilities, flexibility and choice required to power the future of enterprise IT. 

Matthew Hicks 

Vice president, Software Engineering, OpenShift and Management, Red Hat

  • SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift 
    • Red Hat announced the availability of .NET Core 2.0 as a container in OpenShift, and today the two companies are bringing the power and scale of one of the world’s leading relational database management systems to their joint platforms. SQL Server for Linux will be available in the coming months on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift.As with all Red Hat and Microsoft joint initiatives, SQL Server for Linux on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform will be jointly supported by both Microsoft and Red Hat

Microsoft and Red Hat are aligned in our commitment to bring enterprise customers the hybrid cloud solutions they need to modernize their businesses as they shift to operate in a cloud-native world. Today, we’re extending this commitment as we again join forces to bring fully interoperable solutions that simplify container adoption and help customers make the most of their hybrid cloud strategies. 

John Gossman 

Lead Azure Architect, Microsoft Corp.