Microsoft joined Cornell Blockchain Research Group

Technology giant has joined the Cornell Tech-based Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts (IC3)
03 September 2017   920

The partnership has a goal to transform tomorrow’s financial systems to be much more flexible, transparent, efficient and secure. This is reported by News Wise

As we continue our journey in blockchain, we have watched and read the work of the IC3 team and are impressed with their thinking and the perspective they bring to the community.  We are very aligned with the approaches IC3 blockchain experts are taking to address scale, simplification, and other topics of interest for enterprise adoption. The synergies in their research fit well with our visions for enterprise scale blockchain solutions. We are excited to work more closely with IC3 through this membership.

Yorke E. Rhodes III
Global Blockchain Business Strategist, Microsoft.

What is IC3?

IC3 is an initiative of Cornell University, Cornell Tech, UC Berkeley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the Technion. IC3 provides world-class expertise in computer science that spans cryptography, distributed systems, game theory, programming languages, and system security techniques. IC3’s innovations include blockchain, smart contract, and cryptocurrency technologies that offer both the scientifically rigorous security properties and the robustness, performance, and reliability demanded by practitioners for tomorrow’s financial systems of execution and record.

KakaoTalk May Support Crypto

According to reports, after the integration of the private keys storage into Samsung smartphones, Kakao decided to add cryptocurrency support to its messenger
18 March 2019   42

South Korea's largest online conglomerate, Kakao Corp, which owns services such as KakaoTalk, KakaoPay, KakaoTaxi, KakaoStory and KakaoStock, can provide cryptocurrency access to its 44 million user base, writes the local portal fnnews.

According to media reports, after the integration of the private keys repository into Samsung smartphones, Kakao decided to add cryptocurrency support to its instant messenger, which is currently the most popular application of this type in South Korea.

Last week it became known that Kakao raised $ 90 million to further develop its blockchain platform Klatyn and plans to raise another $ 90 during the next round.

According to the industry, KakaoTalk will “be used as a cryptocurrency wallet”, which will allow users to interact with various applications on the blockchain, send, receive and store cryptocurrency. According to sources, users who want to manage their cryptocurrency assets through an instant messenger will need to activate the corresponding option. Without it, the crypto wallet will not be available.

Kakao needs a cryptocurrency wallet for users of Klaytn and the best way to roll out the service is to integrate a crypto wallet into KakaoTalk, which over 80 percent of the population of South Korea use to communicate.

'One industry executive' (by CCN)

A company spokesman declined to confirm information sources, but said that KakaoTalk is working on a broader use of blockchain technology.