Microsoft will use blockchain technology to help refugees

Microsoft and Accenture develope blockchain-based digital platform to help refugees prove their identity from anywhere
28 June 2017   925

Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

Microsoft and Accenture Plc joined forces in a project that is designed to provide legal IDs to 1.1 billion people using a blockchain based digital network. The target of this project is to assist refugees who don't have their paper documents by the hand. It will give them access to education and healthcare. Project is supported by the United nations

This service will store digital identifications of refugee and will allow access their record at any location, even without any paper documents. The program will work with multiple organizations databases to prove a person's identity. It is much better than rely only on one database. At the moment, there is one prototype, created using existing Accenture platform used by the UN High Commissioner of Refugees.

Developers from both teams invite other companies to join their project.

Member of British Parliament Wants to Payl Tax in BTC

MP  comments were made shortly after the Ohio government allowed companies registered in this state to pay bitcoin taxes
11 December 2018   2

Eddie Hughes, a member of the UK Conservative Party, said that the state should make it possible to use Bitcoin when paying taxes and utilities. It is reported by The Daily Express.

Eddie Hughes, who represents North Walsall in parliament, calls himself a "crypto-enthusiast with amateur knowledge." According to him, the blockchain technology attracts a lot of attention, and therefore members of parliament "must understand it."

Eddie Hughes also said that he recently met with representatives of the Royal Society for Water Rescue, which accepts donations in cryptocurrencies, after which he came to the idea of ​​making it possible to use Bitcoin when paying municipal taxes and utilities.

It just feels like it gets talked about a lot, wherever you go in the UK, and as MPs we have a duty to understand it. 

Eddie Hughes


Hughes comments were made shortly after the Ohio government allowed companies registered in this state to pay bitcoin taxes, which he also reminded in his interview within the publication.