Mining centers in the US face moratorium

Officials of Plattsburgh, New York have filled a moratorium against Bitcoin miners
09 March 2018   1157

Mining centers in a small US town of Plattsburgh, NY have stumbled upon a moratorium filing. Local politicians expressed the concern over high consumption of electricity and environment. In general, the politicians want those centers to stop their activity and stay away from the town for good. The public hearing date is set on March 15 at the Common Council Chambers.

This local law shall impose a moratorium on applications or proceedings, or the issuance of approvals or permits for commercial cryptocurrency mining operations in the City of Plattsburgh. The moratorium imposed by this local law shall be in effect for a period of  eighteen  months from the effective date of this local law.


Colin Read

The Mayor of Plattsburgh

As the procedure goes, after the public hearing it will move forward. Now every mining centre will want to have an attorney as they have to defend themselves if the market is still important to them. It was reported by the mayor that approximately 10% of the town's power was consumed for notorious mining activities as of the end of February, 2018. On a personal note, Mr. Read confessed that it's much better to see such consumption from a hiring company than from all-automatic ones.

Any firm, person, corporation, or other entity that shall establish, place, construct, erect or in any way site or locate a Commercial Cryptocurrency Mining operation described in this local law in the City of Plattsburgh in violation of the provisions of this Local Law shall be subject to, in addition to any penalties prescribed by state or local law, a civil penalty of not more than $1,000.00 for each day or part thereof during which such violation continues.


Colin Read

The Mayor of Plattsburgh

Hidden Miners Cases to Rise 400% in 2018, Kaspersky Says

Kaspersky Lab report is much like the Cyber Threat Alliance study dated September this year
18 December 2018   101

In 2018, the number of attacks for hidden mining reached 13 million, which is 400% more than in 2017. Then 3.5 million attacks were recorded. Such data are provided by the Russian cyber security company Kaspersky Lab, according to CCN.

Experts also noted that in the Middle East and Africa, the number of hidden mining cases increased fourfold compared to last year.

The findings of Kaspersky Lab coincide with data from a September Cyber ​​Threat Alliance study. Then, cybersecurity company analysts said that the cases of hidden mining cryptocurrency increased by 459% compared with last year.