Mining farm causes fire in Novorossiysk

The fire outbreak was a result of pauseless mining
29 November 2017   1644

Early in the morning of November 27 it was reported that one of the apartments in bedroom suburb of Novorossiysk in Russia was enveloped in flames. There was no loss of life or injured people but all the property of an owner was burnt away. It is said that vinyl windows of upstair neighbors were fire damaged and an apartment of downstairs neighbours was flooded  during the fire-fighting operation.

According to preliminary data, the main ignition cause was a short circuit. It was reported that there was an underground mining farm organized by the owner of the apartment. The long process of mining leads to the overload of electric current and heating of air. For this very reason the probability of fire hazard increases. 

Many officials put forward suggestions about banning of mining farms located at living quarters in Russia. The idea was supported by Ilya Massukh, the President of Information Democracy Development Foundation. 

Iceland Farm Thief to be Sentenced to 4.5 Years

He was able to escape to Amsterdam in April 2018, using prison's window
22 January 2019   74

Icelandic Sindri Tor Stefansson, who was previously charged with theft of bitcoin mining equipment for more than $ 2 million, was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison. Six of his accomplices also received various prison sentences. This is reported by local media.

In addition, convicts will have to pay more than $ 200,000 in compensation in favor of the affected mining company Advania.

In March 2018, Stefansson and his accomplices committed one of the largest robberies in Iceland's history, stealing more than 600 full-featured mining farms from Bitmain.

Police detained the robbers in the same month. However, in April, Sindri Thor Stefansson managed to escape from Icelandic prison and flew to Stockholm and then to Amsterdam, using cell phone and fake ID.

Less than a week later, police detained Stefansson in Amsterdam, after which he was extradited to Iceland, where he was brought to justice.