Mining Hardware Store to Open in South Africa

Bitcoin hardware stores are popping up all over the world and now one of them will open its doors in South Africa
08 February 2018   1406

A supplier of Bitcoin mining hardware from South Africa, Bitmart, is about to open its first retail store. The store will stock software components, ASICs, GPU miners and other relevant hardware. It will also stock cryptocurrency merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, hardware wallets and etc. Now miners in South Africa can just walk into a shop and pay on the spot.

This shop is willing to provide educational seminars in order to create a cryptocurrency community. Bitmart will accept EFT (a South African internet banking payment transfer service), credit cards, and, of course, all major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum as a method of payment.

Bitmart will offer business owners the additional services such as mining farm development, deployment and management, container-based mining solutions, and large-scale deployment. It will also install equipment in place to accept Bitcoin as payment.

It is important to note that South Africa is not the only place where users can buy equipment for mining. For example, a large electronics mall in Singapore has at least five mining hardware shops.

Amberdata to Study Abnormal ETH Miners Rewards

As reported, unknown person mixed up the “gas price” field and “transaction cost”, left the workplace, and the bot did not work correctly
21 February 2019   55

The research startup Amberdata analyzed the activity of the Ethereum network in the last 24 hours and, like the media, found five transactions with an abnormally high commission.

It turned out that all five transfers were made from one address. Within four hours, the owner of the address paid the miners about $ 583,976 for processing transactions.

Note that the commission for block # 7,238,290 in the amount of 2103,1485 ETH, which was received by the Sharkpool pool, is the largest in the history of the network. Nevertheless, representatives of the pool temporarily froze funds in case the owner of the address made a mistake.

Amberdata is convinced that an unknown person mixed up the “gas price” field and “transaction cost”, left the workplace, and then the bot did not work correctly.