Miroskii ICO With R. Gosling As Designer Raised $830k

The project doesn't have whitepaper but has 7 social network subscribles and claims to raise almost a million of dollars.
05 March 2018   739

Organizers of shady crypto-currency projects make less and less efforts to raised funds. But it seems like investors are going to invest in everthing, that claims to be related with cryptocurrency and / or blockchain.

One of the most egregious examples of this kind can serve as the history of the Miroskii project, which collected almost one million US dollars thru the ICO. This is reported by The Next Web.

On the site Miroskii as a photo of the leading designer uses the image of Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling. In the project it is presented under the name of Kevin Belanger.

Miroskii Team
Miroskii Team

As you might guess, the photos of the other participants of the project were also taken from the Internet. Although there were no celebrities among them, all these people have nothing to do with the sphere of blockchain, and the names under their photos are fictitious.

If some investors did not think this was enough to abandon the questionable offer, Miroskii prepared for them and other "symptoms". Thus, a project that promises to develop its own decentralized bank with the support of providers of debit and credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express, has not yet published its white paper. The decision on the prospects for investing in Miroskii is proposed to be based on the information provided in the roadmap.

Miroskaii Roadmap
Miroskaii Roadmap

The original English text contains a lot of typos, but the most surprising part of this story is that Miroskii managed to successfully conduct the ICO, collecting more than $ 830,000.

In addition to all, in all social networks where Miroskii is represented, and this is Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, in total there were 7 subscribers, so it is not clear to whom exactly who these investors who donated pseudo-Gosling and companies to almost a million US dollars.

Perhaps the information provided by Miroskii on the results of the ICO, like the rest of the information on the site, is untrue, but the project did conduct a small PR campaign, so it is not worth excluding the possibility that they could collect the named amount.

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Nishiawakura to Launch First Municepal ICO in Japan

Officials studied the possibility to strengthen the economy of the village thru the ICO since November 2017
19 June 2018   135

The authorities of the Japanese village of Nishyavakura from Okayama prefecture announced the start of the initial coin offering (ICO). Officials studied the possibility to strengthen the economy of the village thru the ICO since November 2017. This is reported by Bitcoin.com.

With the help of the ICO and its own crypto currency, the authorities hope to get money for "a sustainable regional economy in the future, providing the municipal authorities with new financial resources and developing the region with the help of starting investments."

1500 people lives in village, and 95% of area are occupied by woods. In the early 2000s, when all the municipalities of the country joined the city's districts, Nishyavakura managed to remain an economically independent village and since then the authorities have been seeking funds for its development.

In order to promote the creation of a sustainable region in the future, as a means for small local governments to secure new financing resources and to build up regions through upfront investment, tokens issuance, and the creation of virtual currencies, we will introduce fundraising through an ICO for the first time as a municipality in Japan.

Nishyavakura Statement

The local economy association will issue tokens called Nishiawakura Coin (NAC). The owners of coins will have the right to vote, which will allow them to participate in decision-making regarding enterprises in the village.