Misconfigured EOS Nodes May Expose Private Keys

Attackers are trying to find nodes with this vulnerability
30 May 2018   594

Attackers scan the Internet in search of EOS nodes, which can distribute their private keys because of an incorrectly configured API, writes Bleeping Computer.

As reported by the GreyNoise, scanning began on Tuesday, and all suspicious activity comes from the IP address

GreyNoise Inteligence Twitter
GreyNoise Inteligence Twitter

Scanning began a few hours after the publication of the Chinese company Qihoo 360, which reported a "series of huge vulnerabilities" in the EOS software that allow remote code execution on the nodes and cause a number of undesirable consequences. However, it seems that last attack doesn't have relation to it.

However, it is directly related to the report published a week ago on GitHub, which talks about the problem at the endpoint of the EOS RPC API, which leads to the disclosure of private keys to EOS accounts.

According to the report on GitHub, the authentication system that would protect the endpoint of this API does not exist, and the information is transferred to the network through the public interface of the EOS node.

Obviously, the attack organizer got acquainted with the report on GitHub and is now trying to find the nodes whose owners have not taken the necessary measures to ensure their security.

Nevertheless, the situation is not as critical as it may seem. As one EOS developer said, this API endpoint is not a standard element of the EOS API and is only included in the wallet_plugin file. This plugin is used for tests, that is, in practice a very small number of nodes will use it when connecting directly to the Internet, and, as a rule, it does not start on working nodes.

In any case, all owners of EOS nodes who have not yet done so must disable the plug-in on their working nodes and use another method for processing private keys.

Earlier, EOS developers reported that they eliminated the discovered vulnerability Qihoo 360, adding that it was not as serious as the Chinese company wrote about it.

EOS to Become Transaction Volume Leader

EOS transaction volume to exceed Bitcoin's, Ethereum's and even Tron's
15 January 2019   163

According to the Coinmetrics analytical resource, EOS has become the absolute leader in terms of transaction volume.

Tron blockchain activity is approx twice lower than EOS. The volume of Ethereum transactions is about 11 times smaller than that of EOS. Also note that XRP is slightly higher than bitcoin in this parameter.

CoinDesk analyst Peter Ryan emphasizes that transactional activity in smart contract platforms is usually much higher than that of cryptocurrencies, which mainly function as a means of preserving value.