Mobile app for hackers released

New Chinese mobile app gives everyone a chance to become a hacker
01 September 2017   1102

Ransomware has been one of the most popular topics in all news all over the world with infamous Wanna-cry and LeackerLocker.  Now you can try what it is like to be a cybercriminal, using a new user-friendly Android App that allows anyone to develop ransomware of your own design in a few minutes.

Trojan development kit is available for downloading at Chinese hacker forum on the Darknet. The whole process of making this malware application doesn’t require any programming or coding skills. All you need for this is a smartphone running on Android OS. After downloading an app, you have to fill out the forms with dozens available customization options. Once you are set, click the «create» button, then the app let you start a chat with the developer of your ransomeware, where you discuss payment in preferable cryptocurrency as it is the safest method of transaction because it is almost impossible to identify the sender.

The created malware uses the can block your phone, change your pin and delete your data. The message on lockscreen displays what has happened to your phone a, what you should do and how much money you should pay to find out the password to unlock the phone.
For now ransoware builder kit supports only Chinese language, so the experts are starting to worry that a new wave of cybercrime may spread across the world with the new Multilanguage version of this app.

But who are those developers? Emily Wilson, director of analysis at Terbium Labs, on a webcast at with Dan Patterson, points out that the majority of these malware developers are mostly «bored young teenagers» or «people who don’t want to do their homework» .

How can you protect your smartphone from malware apps? First of all pay attention to the source of an app and avoid downloading from non-official app stores. Don’t forget to install antivirus and be careful with email attachments of any kind. And please surf the web safely.

Vinnik Extradtion to France to be Supported by SCoG

Alexander is holding the hunger strike for 24 days and lost around 9 kilos
19 December 2018   22

Following the trial court of the city of Thessaloniki, the Greek Areopagus decided to extradite Alexander Vinnik, suspected of laundering $ 4 billion through the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange, to France. Thus, the appeal of Russian lawyers was rejected, reports TASS referring to the chairman of the court Angelique Aliferopoul.

After the announcement of the verdict, Alexander Vinnik declared that he would continue the hunger strike against the arbitrary rule of the Greek authorities, which began in mid-November.

I have been starving for 24 days. Yesterday I was weighed; according to the documents, I lost 8 kg. But they did not immediately begin to weigh me, only on the third day. So I lost 9 kg. If I'll be extradited to Moscow, I will stop starving.

Alexander Vinnik


Alexander Vinnik was detained in Greece at the request of the American authorities on July 25, 2017. In June 2018, Vinnik was arrested in absentia in Russia on charges of cyber fraud on a large scale.

At the moment, there have been several court decisions on the extradition of Vinnik - at the request of the United States, at the request of France and two decisions at the request of Russia. The final decision on the case will take the Minister of Justice of Greece.