A. Molchanov: "You can sing on Ruby"

Software developer from Evrone, family man, eternal student and speaker at RailsClub 2017
09 October

Andrey Molchanov
Andrey Molchanov

On the RailsClub 2017, we've managed to talk with Andrey Molchanov about his report and future of programming. 

Tell us about yourself and what will your report be about?

My name is Molchanov Andrey. I work for Evrone. The topic of my report is "Ruby Virtual Machine". RubyVM will be considered in comparison with virtual machines of other languages, its pros and cons, differences. Examples of use and configurations in small, practical examples will also be shown.

Are you from Moscow?

No, I'm from the town of Kotlas, this is the Arkhangelsk region.

How do you like Moscow, as a conference?

Everything is fine, I'm not here for the first time. Got here wonderful, everything is very good. The organization is on the level. Everything is very cool.

How do you see the programming world in 10 and 50 years? Perhaps, you see trends that are already outlined and will be relevant at that time.

Quite a complicated question. A lot of new technologies will be used, which are created and are developing now (for example, blockchain, machine learning). It's all very interesting, but, really, I do not know what it all can lead to. Of course, there will remain the fundamentals of programming and development, which were developed in the previous century. And new paradigms will be superimposed on this basis. But I do not think that something will change dramatically in the near future.

Do you think there will be a place in this future world for Ruby and Rails? Or, then, will these technologies be of purely scientific interest?

I don't think that Rails will be used only in the sphere of scientific interest. Ruby, and even more so Rails, is sharpened for practical use. It's an elegant language, you can sing on it. The language itself develops, something new appears. We are waiting for Ruby 3, we are waiting for a performance increase. And Rails, of course, will not disapear. A lot of projects are already written on it and will be written in the future, there will be their support performed. I'm also confident that a worthy alternative to Rails will soon appear, but it will not be tomorrow, so it's unlikely that something will change much in the near future.

What are the pros and cons of RubyVM you can distinguish on the background of other virtual machines?

Most virtual machines already use compilations during or before executing the code. Ruby does not have these compilations. I'm sure Matz and the team are thinking about this. And they understand that really Ruby is not a new language and they are very cautious about innovations. I think that it will still be, but, most likely, not soon.

Do you think that there can be such an interesting project based on RubyVM, like Elixir based on ErlangVM?

If I say "no", I'm sure I will offend someone. But I believe that based on this stage nothing can appear based on RubyVM.

In the IT sphere there are more and more people, millions all over the world work in IT one way or another. What advice would you give for the "average programmer"?

Learn the basics. Fundamentals of programming, development. Do not miss only the information on the top, which is used in practice. Work, perhaps, consists of 90% of the solutions that can be found quickly and be used as a solution. But you need to learn the basics, it is the basis on which development is based from the last century.

Do you get real, great satisfaction from your work? Not only in material terms, but in terms of spiritual pleasure?

I am happy to solve complex problems. I feel enthusiastic. Money or some kind of "status" for me is not primary - it's just an indicator of your work. Also it's work on the project you're working on. To create what other people will use. Also this is the open source work, to help colleagues. To make everyone feel better.

Do you have plans for writing a book?

I do not have the book written yet. I have a small article, I was trying to make a blog. But, it all calmed down. I have no plans to write a book either. For the book you need a huge baggage of knowledge, practical and theoretical, which should translate into a book. I have no such knowledge so far.

Do you have "professional" nightmares associated with your work?

I can not remember anything. Fortunately, I sleep well and sleep a lot.

A. Davidov: "I like when my work is helpful for people"

Software developer. Open source enthusiast, Hanami core, Ruby Hero 2016, speaker at RailsClub 2017
18 October

Anton Davidov
Anton Davidov at RailsClub 2017

Software developer. Open source enthusiast, Hanami core, Ruby Hero, speaker at RailsClub 2017

On the RailsClub 2017, we’ve managed to talk with Anton about his report, his job and future of programming.

What's your name? Where do you work, what do you do?

My name is Anton, I work at the American start-up. We are developing a healthcare application to help people in America buy and receive the right medicines. There are some issues with it in US. Unfortunately, we are not yet released, so I can not name the place where I work. But if you ask me about this in a month or two, I'll say. At work, we use full dry stack (dry web and rom), also we have several services on hanami.

How do you like RailsClub?

This is my fourth RailsClub. I am very happy to come every year, see many new faces, communicate with old friends, learn something new, discuss problems, and have fun.

Tell me about your report.

In my report I will motivate people not afraid to code in open source, because I believe that there are some problems in the community and by my report I want to try to solve them. This is absolutely not a technical report. Its main goal is motivation. I will be very happy if after today, at least one or two people will stop being afraid to make a mistake and do something. I will tell you about my mistakes and problems, about other people's mistakes. It is important for me to convey that the errors is normal.

What do you think are the most popular technologies?

If to speak in general - machine learning is still in hype, and people are trying to do something on it, at least in Russia. A lot of people talk about the blockchain, trying to mine Ether, buying farms for millions. And if we talk about programming and about Ruby in particular, this is an interesting question. We can say that the functional languages ​​are in hype, but it seems to me that this is far from being the case. There is a cult around functional languages, and people are just trying to be involved in it. Also, now it is a trend (like 10 years ago) the problem solutions. I mean - people have a problem that they are trying to solve it. That's the way dry, rom, hanami, trailblazer appeared; that's the way other programming languages like Crystal appeared.

How do you see the programming world in 10 and 50 years and is there a place for Rail and Ruby?

The world of programming in 10 years I see as my place of work in 10 years - I mean, I can't see it. But if I fantasize, I'd like to see something like cyberpunk from the novels "Neuromantic" when people directly connected to the computer through a neural interface with full immersion. I would like to see that people will go somewhere in this direction.

What advice would you give to an average programmer in order to stand out the crowd? 

The first advice - do not be afraid to talk about problems. People everywhere face problems, and in IT too. If a person tells about his problem and how he solved it, other people can get benefit from it. The second advice is to solve problems not only at work, but also in the community - to engage in open source, to do conferences, to speak and write good articles.

People in other spheres, for example, in aircraft building, feel great joy and enthusiasm after the end of the big project. What in your job brings such feelings?

This is a funny question for me, not even in terms of the question itself. While studying at the institute, I was practicing at an aircraft plant in the department of indestructible control. I've seen that atmosphere and people are not always happy when they make big planes. They usually have problems like that the spare part for a million rubles came with micro cracks and somehow it needs to be used, so as a result the aircraft does not fall apart.
I really like it when I get a good feedback. When my work was useful for someone. Then I feel the excitement. Speaking more broadly - all my work is aimed at getting a good feedback and solving people's problems.

Do you have nightmares related to work?

I have one nightmare related to my work - I start Rails coding again. Seriously, for almost a year I have not touched the Rails at all. And I grew a big beard and hair on my head, I began to sleep better.

Do you have plans for writing books?

Fortunately, no. I have dyslexia, it is difficult for me to write texts sometimes. The biggest thing that I have is a channel in a telegram where I write large messages by the standards of telegram channels. I had an idea to try to collect this all in a heap and make a huge collection or a reference book, there are many related topics. But in general, I do not see myself as a writer. At school, I had an assessment between 1 and 2 in Russian, so for me it's really difficult.

As far as I know, your report was last at Rails Club for few times already. Why is it so and how do you feel about it?

I was the last in 2015 and 2017. In 2015, I had a lightning talk, it just turned out to be the last of 3. This year I specifically asked to put me in the end. I will not have a technical report and I will be able to motivate someone. The idea is that people will get tired of listening to some complicated technical things and think with their heads for 8 hours in a row, it's like a working day. At the end of the day, people want some kind of show, and just my report will be that show. And, secondly, I would be pleased if people leave the conference with a feeling of excitement.