Monaco becomes a member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

The cryptocurrency platform promotes its help to adopt secure blockchain for enterprise
14 March 2018   800

Today, Monaco announced its membership in world's largest blockchain initiative - Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. As a platform in avantgard of blockchain payment technologies and cryptocurrency, Monaco will further support the security of the blockchain as a platform and help the adoption of Ethereum in the enterprise.

We are delighted to join EEA members from Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, and academics to develop an open-source standard and, in turn, evolve Monaco's services in tandem with advances in public Ethereum. Keeping all businesses with a blockchain component accountable with a robust governance model aligns with Monaco's goal of honest financial products that improve lives.


Kris Marszalek

Co-Founder and CEO, Monaco

The fact of beings surrounded by the titans of the industry such as Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, Cisco Systems, Deloitte, Thomson Reuters and others will surely enhance Monaco's competence on the market and encompass its technology and products such as recently announced Monaco Visa Card, Auto Invest and Wallet to be of superior quality. The Alliance itself is a solid ground for developing enterprise-grade technologies, industry standards and R&D in privacy, scalability and security of the public permissionless network.

Monaco announces new features

Along with the launch of beta testing of its wallet, Auto Invest and Credit are revealed
12 March 2018   781

Payments and cryptocurrency platform Monaco today has launched closed Beta testing of its wallet. Community members are free to check it out. The app is capable of operating with fiat and digital currency wallets, managing the anticipated Monaco Visa card; equipped with a panel for live coin tracking and sort of a "gateway" in cryptocurrencies for newbies - Monaco University.

A new automated cryptocurrency investment feature is revealed - Monaco Auto Invest. With little or no setup or withdrawal fees, anybody can start their cryptocurrency portfolio. Users are allowed to withdraw the funds at any moment, and for those who feel tedious about choosing out of numerous of digital assets Monaco's technology may create personalized portfolio based on user's preferences.

Monaco also revealed its Monaco Credit feature. Users are offered credit lines based upon the deposited collateral, be it in Monaco tokens (with indicative level  of value set at 60%) or Bitcoin (with 40% of collateral value). Monaco Credit does not require monthly payment statement and, on top of that, boasts a 30-day grace period unlockable with tokens.

Finally, Monaco kicks off its sponsorship at Money 20/20 Asia venue and a new website launch.

Monaco is proud to anchor our presence at Money20/20 Asia, an important financial industry event, by beginning our closed Beta program and officially introducing two more products in our pipeline that will change the way everyday consumers view the future of money. Monaco Auto Invest and Monaco Credit are the perfect extension of the Monaco Card and Monaco Wallet app. Together, they form a complete suite of revolutionary financial products and position Monaco as the first global financial institution built on blockchain, as well as, a destination platform for anyone interested in cryptocurrency.


Kris Marszalek

Co-Founder and CEO, Monaco