Monero HiddenMiner Can Cause Device Crash

New malware can literally destoy users' devices while mining XMR
29 March 2018   1260

Trend Micro, a company specializing in cyber security, reports a new type of malware for Android.

When installed, Malware will mine Monero using the smartphone processor until it exhausts all resources or the mobile device does not break.

In the code of HiddenMiner there is no controller, switch or optimizer, it constantly mines the Monero, right up to the mobile device overheating.

If the researchers' warnings are correct, this is not the first malicious software that can kill your smartphone: last year there was a case when Loapi Android malware exploited device so hard that the smartphone its battery swelled and cracked the back of the device, destroying the mobile device within 48 hours.

Trend Micro reports that the new malware has some similarities with Loapi. With the help of HiddenMiner, one of its operators produced 26 XMRs - about $ 5,360 - from one of the wallets.

HiddenMiner is an application on Google Play and forces users to activate it as a device administrator.


It will constantly appear until the victim presses the "Activate" button; after granting permission, HiddenMiner will start minning Monero in the background.

It is difficult to delete a miner, it blocks such user actions.

Billionare's Wife Kidnappers to Demand €9M Worth XMR

Anna-Elizabeth Falkievik Hagen was allegedly abducted from her home, although the law enforcement agencies found no sign of hacking
10 January 2019   216

In late October, the wife of one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Norway, Tom Hagen, was kidnapped. The kidnappers are demanding a ransom of € 9 million in Monero, according to Norway Today.

Anna-Elizabeth Falkievik Hagen, 68, was allegedly abducted from her home, although the law enforcement agencies found no sign of hacking. A note with a ransom request was also found there.

Note that Interpol and Europol are involved in the investigation of the case of Falkievik, and the fact of the abduction was kept secret for a long time for security reasons.

Today, January 9, the police confirmed that Falkievik was abducted, and communication with the criminals takes place exclusively through some kind of "electronic platform". In addition, in December, the kidnappers could not provide evidence that she was still alive.

Probably the Falkievik case is the first time in Norway when a ransom is demanded in a cryptocurrency equivalent. Nevertheless, the police recommended that the criminals be denied their claims.

Tom Hagen is the founder of Elkraft AS, a power supply company. His fortune is estimated at 1.7 billion NOK (€ 170 million).

Earlier, employees of the local prosecutor’s office in Kiev and the National Police of Ukraine detained two suspects accused of stealing a miner in March of this year and stealing $ 50,000.

Now they face up to 15 years of imprisonment for robbery committed by a group of individuals in a preliminary conspiracy, infiltration and theft in a particularly large scale.