Monero Multisignature implementation testing started

Multisignature will help Monero to to compete better with cryptocurrencies, in which this technology has already been integrated
07 November 2017   1777

The terms for adding the multisignature function to the Monero cryptocurrency have not yet been determined, but work in this direction is underway, and users are already offered the opportunity to test this option. This is reported by Merkle.

The multisignature function has been known for a long time to users of bitcoin and allows wallet owners to enhance their security by signing up of a third party to confirm transactions.

At the same time in Monero, this functionality has not been implemented so far, as its implementation is complicated by the structural features of the cryptocurrency. However, recent events suggest that at some stage this will still happen.

In particular, some time ago, changes were made to the records in the Monero repository on Github. So, earlier all files related to the multi-signature technology were accompanied by the "DO NOT MERGE" tag, but at the end of last week this tag was deleted.

Additionally, the developer with nickcname "Moneromoo" who is responsible for the implementation of the multi-signature asked the community to test and evaluate the new option.

According to the publication, the introduction of the multi-signature function will allow Monero to compete better with cryptocurrencies, in which this technology has already been integrated. In addition, a multi-signature can in the long run affect the state of affairs in the darknet. It is possible that a number of marketplaces can go along the way of abandoning bitcoin and wider adoption of Monero with its higher level of anonymity.

BitBay ot Delist Monero

Exchange has to comply with “market standards” and the fight against money laundering
26 November 2019   294

BitBay cryptocurrency exchange announced the termination of support for the Monero cryptocurrency. The platform explained the decision by the need to comply with “market standards” and the fight against money laundering.

Acceptance of deposits at the XMR exchange will stop on November 29, trading will be stopped on February 19, 2020. In addition, due to the Monero network hard fork planned for November 30, the withdrawal of XMR will not be possible from November 29 to December 5.

Users are asked to finally withdraw funds by May 20 of next year.

Monero (XMR) can selectively utilize anonymity features among projects. This feature of XMR is a subject to end of transaction support. The decision was made to block the possibility of money laundering and inflow from external networks. Monero (and other cryptocurrencies with this specification) has been already delisted on other fiat-crypto exchanges for the same reason. As a licenced exchange, BitBay has to follow the market standards.


 As you can see, BitBay named Monero's anonymity as the reason for delisting.