Monero price set all time record

Let's try to figure out what stands behind Monero's new price high
22 November 2017   675

On Wednesday, November 22, Montero's crypto currency reached a new historic record, confidently breaking the $ 155 mark. Earlier, developers of the popular hardware wallet Ledger confirmed the rapid integration of Monero, Qtum and Stellar into the Nano S and Blue models.

After two months of relative calm, Monero set a new price record, breaking the $ 155 mark. Since September 18, the cryptocurrency has not been able to trade in the $ 80- $ 100 corridor, but since November 8 it began to show stable growth, which ultimately led to the renewal of the historical maximum.

At the moment of prese, these are main XMR market parameters:

  • Average price $151.26
  • Market cap $2,326,149,559 
  • 24h volume $132,485,000

Monero Price Charts
Monero Price Charts

Top three Monero markets are:

  • Bithumb 32%
  • Bifinex 14%
  • HitBTC 14%

Monero Markets
Monero Markets

The fact that the Monero crypto currency, aimed at anonymity, can be added to the hardware wallets of the Ledger family, became known in early September.

Japan to Give First Jail Sentence For Hidden Mining

Unemployed 24-year-old resident of the city of Amagasaki received one year's imprisonment with a three-year suspended sentence
03 July 2018   312

The Japanese court for the first time issued a guilty verdict for using a hidden mining of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin com reports.

On July 2, the Sendai District Court sentenced an unemployed 24-year-old resident of the city of Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, to one year's imprisonment with a three-year suspended sentence.

This verdict was the first decision in the case of the spread of the browser-based CoinHive Miner to other people's computers for the hidden mining of Monero.

In the autumn of 2017, three suspects created websites that installed a virus-mining program on their devices without their consent.

One of them, the law enforcement agencies of Japan have imposed a fine of 100 thousand yen (about $ 900) for the illegal deployment of the virus. He himself, however, argued that in fact this program is not a virus, but is "a method similar to what is used to distribute online advertising."

Since June 18, the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) has banned anonymous crypto-currencies, including Monero, because of the potential for their use in fraudulent purposes.

Also this week it became known that the Agency is considering the possibility of changing the regulatory and legal framework for controlling exchange operations with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.