Monero's Lead Developer to Create Tari Protocol

New protocol, built on Monero's network may include loyalty points, concert tickets and in-game items
23 May 2018   420

Based of the Monero network, a new protocol for digital assets called Tari will be created soon, CoinDesk reports.

According to the authors of the new protocol, Tari will focus on tokens with unique characteristics that contain information about ownership rights (for example, loyalty points or virtual goods). Also, developers note that their protocol will allow issuers of digital assets to participate in the secondary market.

Leading developer at Monero Ricardo Spagni will take part in Tari development. The project website noted that the new protocol will "support any kind of digital assets" and is capable of processing "many thousands of transactions per second".

If you have a decentralized distributed trustless system that supports non-fungible tokens that enforces the rule sets around digital assets, that changes the game because now you have an opportunity for consumers to trade those digital assets. We don't want to make a lot of future statements, we just want to prove ourselves along the way and we think that's a great way to build trust and build our community. 

Naveen Jain


He believes protocols and networks looking at specific use cases may be more useful than general-purpose ones.

MyMonero Desktop Wallet Released

The desktop application is a lightweight wallet and does not require the user to download the entire Monero blockchain
01 August 2018   171

Developers of MyMonero wallet published a JavaScript library for desktop and browser versions of the product.

New features:

  • Desktop: Fixed a critical issue in previous release due to insufficient testing where Contact records would not be loadable after first save (this was due to emojis being incorrectly encoded in the encryption library). If you have any Contact records which can't be loaded, please delete them from the app in the Edit modal, and add the contact info again.
  • Desktop: Added built-in software update functionality
  • Added web wallet support for Firefox after locating runtime crash on webkit CSS rule insert
  • Added support for incoming new generated_locally flag and server-supplied start_height to ensure that the correct Import Transactions button visibility persists across successive logins
  • A few minor UX and security improvements
  • Web wallet footer

The desktop application is a lightweight wallet and does not require the user to download the entire Monero blockchain.

Earlier XMR Wallet announced the successful completion of an external security audit.