Money20/20 Asia to be Held in Singapore

Money20/20 Asia will take place on 13-15 March in Singapore bringing together senior representatives from across the financial ecosystem
20 February 2018   403

Money20/20 is widely known as the premier event for the most senior decision makers to come together and connect, learn and form partnerships.

Money20/20 Asia will take place on 13-15 March in Singapore, and will bring together senior representatives from across the ecosystem – from the mighty markets of China and India, global financial hubs of Hong Kong and Singapore, innovation centres of Japan, South Korea and Australia and emergent fintech markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and more to connect and create the future of money.

Location: The Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore
Dates: March 13 -15, 2018

The attendees will be able to:

  • Learn about the latest disruptions and trends from the most innovative leaders
  • Seize new business opportunities and build game-changing partnerships
  • Raise brand awareness amongst a global, senior audience
  • Make major announcements and launch new products or companies
  • Fundraise or source investments
  • Network with the industry's smartest visionaries and thought-leaders

Money20/20 helps us imagine what the future is.

Philippe Dintrans

SVP & Chief Digital Officer, Cognizant

The headline speakers include Louise Pentland from PayPal; Antoine Blondeau from Alpha Intelligence Capital Fund; Ghela Boskovich from FemTechGlobal; Dr. Leda Glyptis CIO at Qatar National Bank; Gregory Gibb, co-chairman and CEO at Lufax, and many more.

Our editorial board is working to provide best experience to our readers, and let them dive inside the conference even before it started. 

We managed to talk to some of the headline speakers and receive comments towards what is waiting the attendees of Money20/20 conference!

Ralph Echemendia
CEO at Seguru

Ralph Echemendia

In the last twenty years or so it’s no secret that we have built a world that is radically different from what came before and that we are in the middle of some sort of technical curve to an unknown destination. How we transact is changing quickly and drastically into a digital territory. We now live in clouds, grids and the ever growing internet of everything. What happens when we don’t understand the meaning of this transition into the digital Pangea, much less the meaning of safety and security? Hacking is in the news everyday and there is no end in sight as the risks to individuals and businesses continue to grow. With Billions in ICO’s and crypto currencies to politics, the digital economy is changing. Our lives are being shaped by how we use technology. We have seen a great deal of sacrifice in the name of security, but it seems pertinent that we do not even have a robust definition for what ‘cyber security' actually is. This keynote will discuss and demonstrate the vast misunderstandings of security today and what we can do to better equip ourselves to handle the threats to the present and future of how we function. Be prepared to be informed, scared and maybe even amazed (in a constructive way) on this issue and it’s impact on our global marketplace, consumption and collective evolution.

Ralph Echemendia

CEO, Seguru

More comments are coming soon!

Qvolta is launching its platform

Qvolta announced its platform release date of April 2 that will feature a full-fledged version of a web platform
24 March 2018   40

Qvolta platform has set its release date to April 2. The release is in accordance with the roadmap of the platform and will include a fully functional version of the web platform. The developers team is currently performing various tests and making final amendments to ensure the proper functionality. This desktop client is in alpha stage. A mobile app for secure authorizations is out and it is the native solution for security without intermediaries.

Qvolta is a P2P exchange platform solution that focuses on the capability of trading Bitcoin and Ethereum for fiat currencies and vice versa. And such functionality is provided through local payment methods. Since centralized exchanges become the target of serious scrutiny of regulators, cryptocurrency platforms that allow trading P2P or in fully decentralized fashion are getting more necessary.

As of the moment of the publication, the market parameters of Qvolta are as follows:

Average price: $0.390836

Market cap: $2,712,466

Volume (24h): $6,171