Motherboard Manufacturerer ASRock Plan to Sell GPU Miners

There will be four video cards, based on the Radeon developments, designd for mining
04 April 2018   242

Taiwanese company ASRock has developed a line of GPUs, designed for the production of cryptocurrency. The representative of the company confirmed that four of the devices presented in the Phantom Gaming Series line are "exclusively for mining", CoinDesk reports.

All the presented video cards are based on the AMD RX series. Four versions of the RX570 are designed to produce cryptocurrency, and only the fifth in the line - the RX570 8G OC - is aimed at gamers.

In the end of March in the Twitter account Videocardz. com appeared a screenshot from the presentation, in which four models of video cards were marked in the "Mining" segment.


In July 2017 ASRock introduced a new motherboard H110 Pro BTC +, designed for miners.

Iceland Mining Farms Thief to be Caught in Amsterdam

Sindri Thor Stefansson,  suspected of stealing 600 mining computers, was detained in the evening of April 22 in the center of Amsterdam
24 April 2018   101

The Dutch police detained Icelander Sindri Thor Stefansson, suspected of stealing 600 computers used for mining crypto-currency. This is reported by the Iceland Monitor.

According to law enforcers, the suspect was detained in the evening of April 22 in the center of Amsterdam. The police refused to disclose details of the special operation. The prosecutor's office is working on his extradition to his homeland.

Sindri Thor Stefansson
Sindri Thor Stefansson

Since December 2017 in Iceland, a series of robberies occurred, which resulted in the abduction of about 600 farms for the mining of bitcoins and other crypto-currencies in the amount of almost $ 2 million. As part of the investigation of the incident, 11 people were arrested, including Stefansson.

In April, he managed to escape from prison to Sweden. He jumped thru the window and flew to Europe without any documents. Policemen believed that he had a person, who helped him. Another interesting fact is that this aeroplane reportedly carried the Icelandic prime minister.

Bitcoin mining farm heist was one of the biggest heist in modern history of Iceland.