Mozilla to Roll Out Firefox 64

Learn about updates for both users and developers in new version of popular browser
12 December 2018   919

Mozilla has released the Firefox 64 browser. The developers have eliminated 30 vulnerabilities, among which 21 are critical. The development team added operations with multiple tabs, improved browser performance for macOS and Linux platforms, and also discontinued support for Symantec certificates.

New in Firefox 64 for users:
Support for news feeds (RSS) and live bookmarks has been discontinued - the company has proposed replacing them with extensions or third-party aggregators. In addition, Firefox has stopped supporting Symantec TLS certificates. This is due to incorrect preparation of reports and other irregularities in the work of the company, for example, issuing EV certificates without checks.

The about: crashes page has been redesigned. It displays sent and unsent reports about browser crashes, while the user can delete any of them from the hard disk.

  • Other innovations:
  • Task Manager. It displays the resource usage of each tab.
  • Increased the speed of work. When creating browser versions for the macOS and Linux platforms, the Clang compiler was used with the optimization mode during linking.
  • Link Exchange in Windows. Users can share sites that are viewed on social networks using the Share button in the context menu of a web page.
  • Remove add-ons from the toolbar. To do this, call the context menu (right-click on the add-on icon).
  • Firefox configuration profiles for macOS. They are set up by corporate clients for internal use.
  • Tabs. In the new version, the user can select multiple tabs and move, close or add them to the bookmarks.

Firefox 64 updates for developers:

  • The ability to work simultaneously with three CSS grids in the interface for viewing multi-layered layout of elements (CSS Grid Inspector).
  • JavaScript syntax highlighting in the command line of the web console.
  • Changes in CSS, including support for CSS scrollbars and -webkit-appearance.
  • Displays the contrast value of the text relative to the background when you hover the cursor in the Accessibility Inspector panel.

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Rust 1.42 to be Rolled Out

New version of Mozilla-backed programming language gives a lot of changes and improvements, for example subslice patterns
16 March 2020   167

Rust programming language received new update - version 1.42 has been published. The language is focused on safe work with memory, provides automatic memory management and provides means to achieve high concurrency of tasks, without using the garbage collector and runtime.

Some of the new features:

  • Added support for templates for matching parts of slices (dynamic arrays, slice). If exact comparisons were previously allowed, now the ability to use constructions with the label ".." to cover the remaining elements of the array has been added. For instance:
  • Added a new macro "matches!", Which accepts an expression and a template at the input, and returns "true" if the template matches the expression. The template may use operations "|" and "if".
  • Panic messages displayed when the Option and Result types are used incorrectly now show line numbers with a link to the code that made the problem call, rather than links to the call implementation code in libcore. For example, a change affects the call to unwrap and expect over Option :: None, or crashes when using unwrap_err, expect, expect_err and similar methods for the Result type.
  • Cargo package manager provides automatic substitution of "proc_macro crate" into the "extern" block for packages with procedural macros. This change allows the use directive to be applied to procedural macros without the need to specify extern crate proc_macro in the code. For example, if the program uses the string "use proc_macro :: TokenStream;", then the code will now remain working if "extern crate proc_macro;" is removed from it.
  • Extended features of the standard library. Iter :: Empty <T> added support for Send and Sync for any T. values. Calls :: :: map_unchecked, map_unchecked_mut} eliminated the need to return a type value for the implementation of "Sized". Io :: Cursor implements PartialEq and Eq. The "const" attribute, which determines whether it can be used in any context instead of constants, is used for the Layout :: new method.
  • A new portion of the API has been transferred to the category of stable, including CondVar :: wait_while, CondVar :: wait_timeout_while, DebugMap :: key, DebugMap :: value, ManuallyDrop :: take, ptr :: slice_from_raw_parts_mut and ptr :: slice_from_raw_parts.
  • The Error :: description method is deprecated.
  • Provided in the second level of support for armv7a-none-eabi and riscv64gc-unknown-linux-gnu platforms. Support for the standard library for the riscv64gc-unknown-linux-gnu platform is provided. Apple's 32-bit platforms have been downgraded to a third level of support, which implies basic support, but without automated testing and publication of official assemblies. The decrease in support level is due to the termination of support by Apple 32-bit platforms.

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