Mu Python IDE 1.0 to be Released

According to the developers, Mu can be a good tool for beginners, but they do not expect to make this platform universal
26 July 2018   1697

British developer Nicholas Tollervey announced the release of Mu version 1.0, a new IDE for Python. The tool is positioned as a development environment for beginners and is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Raspbian, the official OS of the Raspberry Pi platform. To ensure an easy start, the developers have prepared a guide for beginners working with the new IDE.

When you start the development environment, you can choose one of the following modes of operation:

  • Python 3 programmming;
  • micro: bit programming;
  • games development using Pygame Zero;
  • CircuitPython boards operations using Adafruit.

Mu Interface
Mu Interface

The development environment has the following capabilities:

  • markup of syntax;
  • automatic indents;
  • built-in help;
  • code checking;
  • error tracking.

According to the developers, Mu can be a good tool for beginners, but they do not expect to make this platform universal. Having enough experience, the programmer can choose a more advanced IDE.

Python News Digest 21 - 27.03

Fast subsets of large datasets with Pandas, how to use Pandas read_html, new pip resolver release announced and more
27 March 2020   1031

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new frontend technologies news digest.

Learn how to do a binary search in Python, check the introduction to SQLAlchemy ORM for Django developers, read about the Python code metrics and other cool things, prerpared for you.


  • Fast subsets of large datasets with Pandas and SQLite

Tutorial about fast subsets of large datasets with Pandas and SQLite

  • The Python math Module: Everything You Need to Know

This guide will teach you all about Python’s math module for higher-level mathematical functions

  • How to use Pandas read_html to Scrape Data from HTML Tables

Detailed tutorial on how to use Pandas read_html method for scraping data from HTML

  • More on service layers in Django

Another chapter of post about the drawbacks of using a service layer architecture for building Django apps.


  • New pip resolver to roll out this year

Developers says there will be big changes to how pip determinates what to install, based on the package requirements


  • Python 3.9.0a5

Early developer preview of Python 3.9 is now available


Library for heavy-text manipulation in Python

  • WhyNot

A Python sandbox for decision making in dynamics

  • PySimpleGUI-COVID19

Python written tools to help analyze the spread of the COVID-19 virus

  • Z3

Python-written theorem prover from Microsoft Research