MyEtherWallet website allegedly hacked

According to the wallet's team, at the moment of press they "are currently not aware of any compromises regarding MyEtherWallet"
09 January 2018   958

According to a number of sources in social networks, cybercriminals hacked the servers of the popular MyEtherWallet, replacing DNS.

For now unconfirmed information, at the moment the wallet is compromised in a number of regions, but the exact scale of the problem is still not defined.

As the representatives of the Ethereum Blue project note, when you visit the purse site, the user is unnecessarily redirected to a resource similar in design, but created by scammers. When entering a login and password, the site steals funds from user accounts.

Soon at Reddit there was a message from the representative of MyEtherWallet, where it says that the team of the popular wallet knows nothing about the problem.

I'm Wietze from MyEtherWallet. We are currently not aware of any compromises regarding MyEtherWallet and are investigating the claims by EthereumBlue.

You can (and should!) always run MyEtherWallet offline, locally.

wtzb at Reddit

Reddit Thread
Reddit Thread

At official Twitter, MyEtherWallet team provides some interesting recommendations for those, who "spreads fear, creates chaos, and lies".

It is pending information about number of users which followed the official MyEtherWallet instructions.

Bitcoin Political Contributions thought in Wisconsin

Wisconsin`s officials have discussed the adoption of guidelines to cryptocurrency contributions in political campaigns, as queried by the Libertarians
25 April 2018   128

Other states, like California, have requested politicians not to admit bitcoin donations. Kansas is the only state banning such contributions. The Federal Election Commission lets crypto donations to campaigns for federal office.

On Tuesday the Wisconsin Ethics Commission arranged  a public hearing on a require from the state’s Libertarian Party relatively to the acception of guidelines for crypto contributions to political campaigns. Phil Anderson, the party’s chairman, aims to know how such donations would be calculated relatively to the limits established by the state in dollars.

Digital currencies, such as bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum, are more and more widely accepted as currency and as stores of value. The Chicago Board Options Exchange offers a futures market for bitcoin. Corporations and governments are weighing in on not ‘whether’ to address cryptocurrencies, but ‘how’. 
Phil Anderson, Chairman, The Libertarian Party

Staff counsel for the commission David Buerger convinced he is not yet aware of any establishments in Wisconsin in which cryptocurrency contributions to state campaigns were given or accepted. Bitcoin is strongly supported by Libertarians. The idea of a decentralized cryptocurrency, not regulated by a central official or bank, is alongside their political views and opposition to government control over the national currency.

During Tuesday’s meeting, commissioners offered that if cryptocurrencies were estimated as a monetary contribution, crypto donations would be issued with the $100 limit towards to cash contributions. Larger donations have to be made by a credit card either a bank check.