MyMonero Desktop Wallet Released

The desktop application is a lightweight wallet and does not require the user to download the entire Monero blockchain
01 August 2018   1457

Developers of MyMonero wallet published a JavaScript library for desktop and browser versions of the product.

New features:

  • Desktop: Fixed a critical issue in previous release due to insufficient testing where Contact records would not be loadable after first save (this was due to emojis being incorrectly encoded in the encryption library). If you have any Contact records which can't be loaded, please delete them from the app in the Edit modal, and add the contact info again.
  • Desktop: Added built-in software update functionality
  • Added web wallet support for Firefox after locating runtime crash on webkit CSS rule insert
  • Added support for incoming new generated_locally flag and server-supplied start_height to ensure that the correct Import Transactions button visibility persists across successive logins
  • A few minor UX and security improvements
  • Web wallet footer

The desktop application is a lightweight wallet and does not require the user to download the entire Monero blockchain.

Earlier XMR Wallet announced the successful completion of an external security audit.

BitBay ot Delist Monero

Exchange has to comply with “market standards” and the fight against money laundering
26 November 2019   275

BitBay cryptocurrency exchange announced the termination of support for the Monero cryptocurrency. The platform explained the decision by the need to comply with “market standards” and the fight against money laundering.

Acceptance of deposits at the XMR exchange will stop on November 29, trading will be stopped on February 19, 2020. In addition, due to the Monero network hard fork planned for November 30, the withdrawal of XMR will not be possible from November 29 to December 5.

Users are asked to finally withdraw funds by May 20 of next year.

Monero (XMR) can selectively utilize anonymity features among projects. This feature of XMR is a subject to end of transaction support. The decision was made to block the possibility of money laundering and inflow from external networks. Monero (and other cryptocurrencies with this specification) has been already delisted on other fiat-crypto exchanges for the same reason. As a licenced exchange, BitBay has to follow the market standards.


 As you can see, BitBay named Monero's anonymity as the reason for delisting.