NASA to Utilize Ethereum Blockchain Technology

NASA awarded a grant for research involving blockchain technology and reportedly plans to use Ethereum blockchain in space networks
26 January 2018   590

Thomas Kacpura, advanced communications program manager at the NASA agency's Glenn Research Center, told in an interview with ETHNews that NASA would likely have important implications on its space networks and may eventually impact the private sector as well.

This is the first time NASA's Glenn Research Center is exploring ETH blockchain technology in the context of space communications and navigation, and it aspires to apply blockchain and distributed intelligence to the space and ground network communication assets.

This effort would support decentralized processing among NASA space network nodes in a secure fashion, resulting in a more responsive, resilient scalable network that can integrate current and future networks in a consistent manner. It is expected that the potential is high to contribute to the next generation space networks, and also allow tech transition of these algorithms for commercial systems.

Thomas Kacpura
ACP Manager, Glenn Research Center

NASA is currently carrying out a research with the goal to design a secure and decentralized computing and data analysis infrastructure, which should lead to a data-driven and cognitive management architecture.

UN's World Food Programme Can Use ETH Blockchain

Ethereum blockchain can help to fight world hunger
20 February 2018   78

The head of the World Food Program (WFP) Robert Opp said that his department is developing a financial infrastructure for more efficient use of distributed ledger technology. With the help of the Ethereum blockchain, the organization has already saved millions of dollars on bank commissions. 

We felt we could replace the services offered by banks with blockchain. Blockchain helps promote collaboration by providing enormous amounts of data. We’re putting in place a financial infrastructure.

Robert Opp

Director, UN WFP

 It is worth noting that WFP didn't talk about specific plans for the further implementation of Ethereum technology.

Earlier, the UN launched a pilot program Building Blocks to assist refugees in Jordan. As part of the program, cryptographically unique coupons representing a certain number of local dinars were distributed among several dozen stores in five refugee camps.