Nasdaq Considering New Bitcoin Futures Proposal

CEO of Nasdaq confirmed confirmed earlier reports that the Nasdaq is looking into bitcoin futures
24 January 2018   128

The Nasdaq Exchange is considering opportunities to make investors a unique offer in the bitcoin futures market, which will differ significantly from the services of competitors. This was stated by the head of the organization Adena Friedman in an interview with CNBC.

We are continuing to investigate the idea of a cryptocurrency futures (contract) with a partner and we continue to look at the risk management around that, making sure we are putting the right protocols in place, making sure there's proper demand, and that the contract is different from what's already out there.

Adena Friedman

CEO, Nasdaq

According to the head of Nasdaq, futures for CBOE and CME are based on bitcoin price tracking and its price in the future. Friedman also strives to develop an alternative concept in which the main role will be played by the spot rate, rather than the price of the asset in the future.

What we might look at is more of a total return futures, so it's a little bit of a different construct, more of an investment than a tracking stock.

Adena Friedman

CEO, Nasdaq

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal published information that Nasdaq would launch bitcoin futures in the first half of 2018, but Aden Fridman refused to confirm or deny such rumors, stressing that all initiatives regarding bitcoin are at an early stage of development. 

Poland’s Central Bank Sponsored Anti-Crypto Campaign

The Central Bank of Poland has admitted to sponsoring a smear campaign against cryptocurrencies on social networks
21 February 2018   38

According to a Polish news portal, the anti-crypto campaign was orchestrated by Youtube blogger from Poland, Gamellon. For this campaign, the Central Bank of Poland had spent 91,000 Zloty (about $27,000).

At the time of writing this article, this video has over 500,000 views and has not been marked as a paid promotion.

Gamellon used the hashtag #uważajnakryptowaluty, which stands for a website set up by the Polish government to warn users about cryptocurrencies. According to this site, there are several reasons on why users should be wary of cryptocurrencies.

Another blogger Planeta Faktów published a sponsored video on their channel titled ’10 Differences between money and cryptocurrency that you need to know’. It also has the same hashtag, #uważajnakryptowaluty. But unlike Gamellon ’s video, this one has an ‘Includes Paid Promotion’ tag at the start of the video.

There is no law against cryptocurrencies in Poland. But it is illegal to create sponsored content without explicitly mentioning it.