NavCoin Roadmap for 2018 Released

NavCoin team released a roadmap for 2018 sharing its plans, strategies and and vision 
17 January 2018   1004

The team of NavCoin announced that there are two major streams of work emerging for the NavCoin Core, and they have divided our roadmap for 2018 into two parts, the first one regarding NavCoin itslef, and the second one regarding Valence.

The upcoming projects regarding NavCoin are stated as follows:

  • Lightning Network: Implementing lightning network transactions to allow instant, cross chain, atomic swaps between NAV and other supported cryptocurrencies
  • NavChange: A Valence powered application which facilitates instant exchange between NAV and other currencies
  • NavDelta: A payment gateway powered by Valence, which enables users to spend NAV at any business which accepts any currency supported by NavChange
  • Business Partnerships: Partnerships with existing Point of Sale operators who are interested in integrating multi-crypto payments into their existing systems using NavDelta
  • Cold Staking: Allowing for NAV, which are stored offline, to sign staking inputs will greatly increase the security of funds used for staking
  • NavCoin 5.0 "Kauri": Rebuilding NavCoin Core wallet as an Electron Application which extends on the current functionality to handle multiple accounts, pin numbers, recurring payments and other functions which you’d be used to seeing inside a banking application
  • NavTech 2.0 “Rimu”: Redesigning NavTech to be a Valence powered application which will make our private payment system completely trustless and distributed
  • Valenodes: Forming the backbone of the network, Valence Masternodes will ensure reliable, fast, and scalable infrastructure to route private application data and seed selective blockchains
  • Encrypted Communication Protocol: Valence’s ECP combined with the Masternode Network should provide highest level of privacy for apps and users
  • App Store & Console: The decentralised and autonomous registration of Valence applications will take place on the blockchain and be accessible through the Valence App Store
  • Crowdfunding Platform: This smart contract-driven crowdfunding platform is designed to protect the funders of Valence Applications by allocating governance of raised funds to the parties who put the funds forward

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of NavCoin:

  • Average price: $2,30
  • Marketcap: $143 109 962
  • 24h volume: $5 224 250

Bitfinex to Launch New Improved Fiat Deposit System

New system of deposists supports 4 popular currencies and requires KYC procedure completion
17 October 2018   114

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange has introduced a new system for fiat currencies deposits: the US dollar (USD), the British pound (GBP), the Japanese yen (JPY) and the euro (EUR). Now, the users who have completed the KYC procedure will create an application, indicating the deposit amount and currency, and the platform representatives will consider it within 48 hours.

Then, if approved, users will be sent the recipient's bank data, and the deposit itself will be credited to the account within 6-10 business days.

In this case, the minimum threshold of $ 10,000 was not abolished.

Earlier, Bitfinex had an anomalous growth of Bitcoin to the level of $ 7,788, which was associated with the possible collapse of Tether.

Nevertheless, the USDT price also stabilized, and representatives of the issuer said that the tokens were fully secured.