NEM Refuted Coincheck's Stolen Funds Withdrawal Info

According to NEM Foundation, they are using NEM’s tagging system in order track stolen coins
01 February 2018   120

About 500 million XEM tokens ($ 533 million), stolen from the accounts of the Japanese cryptoexchange Coincheck, were not transferred to other sites. Also, hackers have not yet tried to sell coins, according to the NEM Foundation blog.

We are closely monitoring the stolen funds. Some small amounts, under $100 USD each, have been moved to several accounts. NEM’s tagging system is working to track how funds are moved. None of the stolen funds have been sent to any exchanges. As long as those funds are off public exchanges they will be very difficult to liquidate, especially in large amounts.

NEM Foundation

Earlier, Reuters reported that the attackers of Coincheck tried to move the stolen cryptocurrency funds.

[The hackers are] trying to spend them on multiple exchanges. We are contacting those exchanges.

Jeff McDonald
Vice President, NEM

On January 25, the bitcoin-exchange Coincheck confirmed the theft of more than half a billion dollars in the NEM currency. Later, the site promised to pay $ 400 million to affected customers. In addition, the financial services agency of Japan will begin checking the rest of the country's bitcoin exchanges after the Coincheck platform has been hacked.

NEM Meetup to be Held in Caracas, Venezuela

  NEM is organizing blockchain meetups in Latin America; the Venezuela meetup will be held in Caracas on February 22, 2018
22 February 2018   1486

NEM blockchain platform was designed and coded from the ground up for scale and speed. Its consensus mechanism and the Supernode program aim to ensure that NEM’s open, public blockchain can grow without ever compromising throughput or stability.

NEM is currently organizing blockchain meetups in Latin America, and the Venezuela meetup will be held in Caracas on February 22, 2018.

Nem meetup in VenezuelaNEM Meetup in Venezuela Announcement

Location: Hotel Pestana, 1ra. Avenida. Urb. Santa Eduvigis, Caracas, Venezuela
Time: 10:30 AM to 12:00 AM
Agenda: Official launch of the NEM project, Functionalities, Mining, Multisignature protection, Domains and Assets Creation, Private and public blockchain for companies, Cooperative Networking

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of NEM:

Average price: $0,558878
Market cap: $5 029 901 999
24h volume: $75 501 000