NEO gives money back to sponsors

NEO issued a Sponsor Giveback Plan to give the money back to initial investors
31 October 2017   1487

The Chinese cryptocurrency NEO which now has a market capitalisation of $1,874,769,000  and is trading at $28,77 published an announcement presenting their Sponsor Giveback Plan on its official website on October 30.

The price of NEO cryptocurrency was quite unstable lately, going up and down, for instance, climbing by 30% in the end of september, rising up to $38 USD on Ocober 2 and falling down to the price of $26 on October 21. On the day the announcement was published, market cap of NEO rose by $500,000,000.

NEO currency charts september october
NEO Charts 

The abovementioned plan is set to give the money back to first currency’s sponsors, who invested during ICO1 and ICO2. NEO will unconditionally pay investors the amount equal to the fiat value they contributed at the time of ICO. The total amount planned to be given back is $4,513,906, which is about CNY 30,000,000.

Initial sponsors may receive their portions either through bank transfer (in CNY only) or in NEO. For those who contributed in BTC, the amount will be calculated as per then BTC/CNY rates.

We hope that the “NEO Sponsor Giveback Plan” will set a good example for the community. We are looking forward to seeing more of the blockchain developers and service providers to use NEO blockchain.

NEO Council

A of today, there are more than 90,000 NEO holders and over 76,000 NeoGas holders. At the moment of writing price of NEO in BTC is 0,0047 and 191,289 in CNY.

What is more, in an announcement it is stated that all the detailed instructions towars giveback will be released within 2 weeks.

Nash Exchange to be Launched on 23.08

Non-custodial Exchange is being created by active members of the City of Zion NEO-developers community since 2017 and is currently at the testing stage
29 July 2019   536

Developers of services in the field of decentralized finance Nash have named the date for the full launch of their non-custodial exchange.

Nash will go live on 23 August 2019. ETH/NEO cross-chain trading, funds management tools and fiat ramps will be available at launch, with more features coming soon!

Nash Team at Twitter

Nash is being created by active members of the City of Zion NEO-developers community since 2017 and is currently at the testing stage. The startup raised $ 12.25 million in venture capital and $ 25 million in the course of the Liechtenstein-registered offer of digital securities on the NEO blockchain.

Like other DEX, Nash Exchange will be based on a set of smart contracts, one of which will be responsible for keeping funds, the other for trading, and the third for communication between them.