Neo-Nazis ask for Bitcoin donations

The Neo-Nazis group The Daily Stormer asks for the support in Bitcoins
18 August 2017   817

After the Neo-Nazis March in the American Charlottesville on August 12th, the largest Internet companies began to fight against xenophobic resources. The first to experience this was the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, which called the victim of the clashes in Charlottesville "a fat childless whore". Thus, the website was stripped of its domain and hosting:

  • GoDaddy, Google and Ru-Centre stripped The Daily Stormer domains
  • Twitter and Facebook blocked The Daily Stormer accounts
  • CloudFlare service refused to protect The Daily Stormer from hackers
  • Apple Pay and PayPal stopped working with The Daily Stormer
  • Airbnb banned The Daily Stormer
  • Spotify deleted The Daily Stormer records
  • GoFundMe forbade the whip-round for helping The Daily Stormer
  • Discord messenger blocked The Daily Stormer group chats

Thus, The Daily Stormer found another place to settle in and now asks users to send Bitcoins in order to support them:

The Daily Stormer on The Daily Stormer on

Apparently, as can be seen from the recent events such as HBO hacking, the cryptocurrency is becoming more and more dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Thus, think twice before investing your funds. 

'Kodak Miner' Turned Out to be a Scam

KashMiner by Spotlite USA was promoted as Kodak branded bitcoin miner 
17 July 2018   143

The KashMiner bitcoin miner, exhibited at the Kodak stand during the CES technology show in Las Vegas, was in fact a product designed to mislead potential consumers and with a potentially unattainable potential return. This is reported by BBC.

Spotlite USA is licensed by Kodak's lighting division, which allows it to use the famous brand in its products. In January 2018 the company introduced its miner and announced that it intends to lease it. According to its business plan, potential users had to pay a commission before getting the device. It was expected that after depositing $ 3,400, the customer will receive a device that will allow him to easily cover expenses and receive revenue from bitcoin mining.

However the company did not have an official Kodak license to use the brand in the production of mining equipment and initially overstated the indicators of the potential profit of its device, refusing to take into account the growing complexity and costs of bitcoin mining. The advertising materials reported that KashMiner brings $ 375 a month, which, subject to a 2-year contract, would allow the client to receive $ 5,600 of profit after paying a commission. Experts from the industry of cryptocurrency call this offer a scam.

There is no way your magical Kodak miner will make the same $375 every month.

Saifedean Ammous


CEO Spotlite USA Halston Mikail previously reported that he plans to install hundreds of miners at the headquarters of Kodak. According to him, he already managed to place 80 miners there, but the Kodak spokesman denied this information.

While you saw units at CES from our licensee Spotlite, the KashMiner is not a Kodak brand licensed product. Units were not installed at our headquarters.

Kodak Spokesman

In a phone call with the BBC, Spotlite's Halston Mikail said the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had prevented the scheme from going ahead.