NEO Relaunching O3 Mobile Wallet

NEO software engineers announce relaunch of O3 mobile wallet which was removed from the App Store soon after it gained several thousand users from all around the world
17 January 2018   470

NEO team announced relaunch of O3 wallet NEO mobile clients, which they have been developing from 2017.The wallet was live on the App Store for about one week, and gained several thousand users, but soon was removed from the Store.

The team of NEO reported that during December of 2017and January of 2018 they continued trying to solve the problem with Apple, and on January 17 they announced relaunch of iOS version and release of Android Version of O3.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of NEO:

  • Average price: $96,69
  • Marketcap: $6 284 629 000
  • 24h volume: $993 703 000

Neo Name Service to provide easy to remember wallet names

NEO Global Capital partners with Fenbushi Capital to expand NEO ecosystem with its own DNS analogue for wallet adresses – Neo's Name Service
14 May 2018   165

Long and confusing wallet names has long been a bane of existence for the inattentive users of cryptocurrencies. NEO Global Capital plans to change the situation by partnering with Fenbushi Capital in development and testing of the newest project – Neo's Name Service Project (NNS).

NNS is a twist on the existing technology of Domain Name this case it's not just a comprehensible name for an IP-address, but a decentralized, open-source and extensible domain name system based on the NEO blockchain. The main reason behind the project is to replace long and hard to remember wordless codes, such as a wallet address, with a human-readable word or phrase to allow users to access the wallet or a smart contract in the future without marking it down, which is unsecure in the long run, or trying to commit them to memory.

Neo's Name Service will allow users to register .neo domains that can be used instead of public keys for the incoming transactions.

In regards to partnership, it deserves a little background. NEO Global Capital is a Venture Capital firm which aims to assist blockchain projects that enrich the NEO ecosystem and help it develop. Fenbushi Capital is also a Venture Capital firm with a reputation of giving large donations for promising blockchain startups and projects. Also Fenbushi holds a NEO consensus node running on the Testnet blockchain. So this partnership validates the NNS projects as a beneficial entity to the whole of NEO ecosystem.