Nested teams are now added on GitHub

GitHub new feature
15 June 2017   1666

Now it is possible to create many levels of nested teams to reflect your company's hierarchy at your GitHub account. It will make your team's structure easier to control.

Continuous integration

Practice of merging all developer working copies to a shared mainline several times a day.

Junior teams inherit their parent's permissions, so repository permissions and mentioning among teams in one nest works from top to bottom. If your team structure, for example, is Teamleads>Project Managers>App. Engineering>QA Testers, granting App. Engineering access for some repository means that QA Testers will receive access too. And if QA Testers team will be mentioned, only they will receive a notifications.

But membership inheritance isn't automatic. If you are a member of App. Engineering team and someone will create a juniour team "Automation", members of App. Engineering aren't automatically the members of Automation. Automation and all other teams created under the App. Engineering will inherit permissions and mentions but nothing else.

Great feature! Now it is possible to create really comfy and clear team structure. It will help big companies to better organize their workflow. At Evrone, we work at few big project simultaneously, and sometimes we got a mishmash instead of good structure. This feature will allow to solve this issue.


Dmitry Karpunin
Chief Front-End Developer at Evrone

You can more information in the docs. Start structure your teams now!

Do you find this feature useful?

Nested teams are now added to GitHub. It will allow you to reflect your company’s hierarchy at your GitHub account. Additionally, it will make your team’s structure easier to control. Please, provide us with your opinion about this feature in survey, listed below. Your opinion is very important for us and for the community. Maybe, it will be also interesting for you to see the results of the survey. 

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Vexor design updated

Vexor, handy and modern continius intagration service launched the new design and adds new price calculation feature
23 August 2017   1394

Vexor is a cloud-based continuous integration for developers, which allows to effectively test projects and pay only for those resources that are actually used. You can check new design at the will be updated in the end of August.

New Vexor Design
New Vexor Design

The new design is significantly different from the previous one. It is designed for both the desktop and mobile screens. A calculator will appear on the site, which allows you to calculate the cost of using the service by setting the necessary parameters.

Vexor price calculator
Vexor price calculator

We made the same progressive and convenient design as Vexor is. It displays our system as a whole, and this is very convenient, the absence of everything superfluous with maximum informativeness, ease of use and transparency of conditions.

Oleg Balbekov

Founder, Vexor

Design was created by the Evrone. Feel free to check out other Evrone's designers works at the portfolio.


The project appeared from the internal developments of Evrone. Company used Jenkins to run the tests. But when it became obvious that the CI-service needs to be modified for our specific tasks, it was changed to GitlabCI. There were several reasons for this:

  • GitlabCI is written in Ruby, which is the team’s native language;
  • It is small and simple, which means it can be easily modified.

During the exploitation period, GitlabCI mutated quite strongly. And at the moment when it already had too little in common with the original product, team just re-coded everything. So this was the first version of Vexor, which was used only inside the company.

Learn more about Vexor in our materials: fresh view on the continuous integration and Inside Vexor.