.NET core 2.0 available now

New major version of cross-platform free and open-source managed software framework available now
17 August 2017   797

What is .NET Core? 

.NET Core is an open-source and cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) analogue of the .NET Framework. It contains the CoreCLR environment - a cross-platform implementation of the CLR, which includes the JIT compiler - RyuJIT. Also .NET Core includes CoreFX, a set of libraries that partially overlap with BCL: The .NET Core API provides a subset of the .NET Framework API, but also provides a number of its own APIs.

.NET Core version 1.0 was released on June 27, 2016 , along with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, which supports development under .NET Core.

What's new in .NET Core 2.0?

According to official blog, NET Core 2.0 includes major improvements that make .NET Core easier to use and much more capable as a platform. The following improvements are the biggest ones.



Visual Studio

  • Live Unit Testing supports .NET Core
  • Code navigation improvements
  • C# Azure Functions support in the box
  • CI/CD support for containers

Learn more on the official .NET blog and check the video above to see the new features in action. Download and intallation notes can be found at GitHub.

.NET Core July Update Relased

In this month' update, Microsoft focused on security issues solving
11 July 2018   99

Microsoft has posted an open version of the .NET Core update. It covers .NET Core 1.0.12, .NET Core 1.1.9, .NET Core 2.0.9, and .NET Core 2.1.2.

Key changes in .NET Core

Microsoft focused on solving security problems. Fixed some vulnerabilities in ASP.NET Core. Fixed a bug when interrupting an incorrect request, allowing an attacker to implement a denial-of-service attack. In addition, the company has compiled a guide for developers, in whose products this vulnerability is present.

Fixed an error that allowed to produce an infinite number of authorization attempts. Vulnerability made the product unstable to brute force. Now the application will count the number of authentication attempts.

In ASP.NET Core, a bug in the processing of certificates has been fixed, which made it possible to present data with an expired term on demand.

Download is available at Microsoft website.

NET Core 2.1 came out in late May 2018, and Microsoft regularly updates this platform.