NetBeans 9.0 IDE to be Available at Apache

At the moment, version number 9.0 is passing certification and debugging in the fund's incubator to become an independent project of Apache
30 July 2018   1635

The Apache Software Foundation demonstrated the first release of the NetBeans IDE after the Oracle code transfer. At the moment, version number 9.0 is passing certification and debugging in the fund's incubator to become an independent project of Apache. The update includes support for Java SE, improvements in the work of Java 9 and Java 10, the integration of the Jigsaw paradigm for working with modules and other changes.

Key NetBeans innovations

  • Integrated tools for partitioning programs into modules using the JPMS (Jigsaw) paradigm for JDK 9. A Java project can be modular by adding a file that supports code completion.
  • A new type of project called Java Modular, which allows you to develop several modules in a single project. At the same time, their assembly will occur simultaneously, and dependency management is performed through the files Such an application looks like a multi-module structure.
  • The appearance of REPL in Java with the connection of the Java Shell interactive shell. The tool allows you to run and test one-liners during the development process and automatically picks up the user settings for the classes and libraries of the project.
  • Refactoring tools and hints for transformations of the new var type and error detection tools for misuse of this type in JDK 10
  • Expanding and collapsing nodes in the tree with profiling results that simplify the actions with the code
  • Arbitrary resizing of pop-up dialog boxes

In the next release, developers plan to add tools that improve support for Java EE, PHP, JavaScript / HTML5, Groovy and C / C ++. Read more about all the changes in NetBeans 9.0 on the Apache blog.

Apache NetBeans 11.1 to be Available

New version supports Java SE, Java EE, PHP, JavaScript and Groovy; C\C++ support is planned to be implemented in one of the next releases
23 July 2019   286

The Apache Software Foundation has introduced the Apache NetBeans 11.1 integrated development environment. This is the third release prepared by the Apache Foundation after the transfer of NetBeans code by Oracle and the first release after transferring the project from the incubator to the category of primary Apache projects. The release contains support for such programming languages as Java SE, Java EE, PHP, JavaScript and Groovy. The transfer of C / C ++ support from the code base transferred by Oracle is expected in one of the next releases.

  • Added support for Java EE 8 with the ability to build web applications using Maven or Gradle. 
  • Added support for new Java features.
  • Added examples for Gluon OpenJFX;
  • Improved support for Maven and Gradle build systems. 
  • Added the ability to use Graal.js, a JavaScript implementation based on GraalVM;
  • Implemented separation of caches with Truffle code between different debugging sessions;
  • Added syntax highlighting support for Kotlin code;
  • Implemented the ability to autocomplete code patterns in the Jade language;
  • Added PHP 7.4 support and updated PHP examples;
  • Improved performance on high pixel density (HiDPI) screens. The splash screen, tab delimiters and icons that are displayed at startup are adapted for HiDPI;
  • A transition to a new development cycle, involving the quarterly formation of new issues, has been completed.

Get more info at the official website.